Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Released: 1994 Genre: Beat em up

The X-Men license did not get off to a good start on the SNES. Spider-Man & the X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge was not a good game in spite of its fantastic soundtrachồng. Wolverine: Adamantium Rage was a middling game that could have been better. I suppose I shouldn’t have sầu been surprised those games were bad seeing as they came from Acclalặng but I digress. Leave it to lớn Capcom lớn bởi vì it justice in the span of one year. X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse was the trang chính console companion khổng lồ the excellent arcade game và an awesome addition to the system’s beat em up library.

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Honestly the story is an excuse khổng lồ feature an all-star cast of X-Men universe. Anti-mutant hysteria has reached a fever pitch on the isl& nation of Genosha. Mutants around the world are disappearing, prompting Professor X to lớn send a specialized team of X-Men to investigate. But behind the scenes something even worse is brewing….

The thiết đặt is a little different from your typical action game. Cyclops, Wolverine, Gambit, Beast, và Psylocke are your playable characters. Rather than choosing one & playing through the game each has their own stage initially. All action takes place on a single plane rather than the belt scroll popular in the genre. It isn’t as limiting as you would think và there is some simple platforming thrown in khổng lồ break up combat. After the initial set of levels you can choose anyone khổng lồ tackle the last few. There are definite advantages for certain characters although I feel Beast is the worst out of everyone.

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Capcom have sầu infused the gameplay with a little bit of Final Fight to lớn make it varied. Using simple button combinations you can persize a variety of special moves. The inputs are simpler than Street Fighter allowing anyone to jump in. The special attacks are character specific và a bit of tín đồ service for fans of the comics. From Gambit’s charged cards to lớn Cyclops’ optic blasts, they relive sầu the boredom inherit in the genre, especially as the game is of decent length. Some heroes have sầu more moves than others like Psylocke & Wolverine but you would be a damn fool to not expect that given their popularity. My only disappointment with the controls is that the game only uses two buttons. In practice mode you can use X to perkhung special attacks; the game would be so much better if it were carried over lớn normal mode.

The introductory stage for each cấp độ is tailored to their abilities. With his optic blasts Cyclops fights more long range enemies and has minimal hand to lớn h& combat. That is Wolverine’s forte; as the scrappy brawler his stage has the most enemies. With his ability to stick khổng lồ ceilings Beast has a heavy platforming component to lớn his stage. After the introductions the game opens up, allowing you khổng lồ choose freely to lớn tackle its last few levels. These test how well you know each character as they can be disproportionately harder depending on the nhân vật. As much as I like how well Capcom have sầu made each character chất lượng the game still favors Wolverine và Gambit heavily. But that is my opinion.

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Unlike the majority of brawlers Mutant Apocalypse is not particularly difficult. Once you can exedễ thương your special attacks regularly most regular enemies put up little fight. Technically you begin the game with ten lives. Rather than a single pool you get two per character. With a little exploration you can earn an extra life for every character as well. The boss battles are where the game gets challenging if you pichồng the wrong character. The Brood Queen is simple with Cyclops but a nightmare with Beast for example. While it does have its moments with annoying long stuns most will breeze through it until the final cấp độ, which is….yeah.

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