Welvinaexpress.com.vne to DatJoeDoe Show"s Joe"s Blog!! This week he"s teaching us about 2NE1"s Dara và sharing your K-Pop opinions...

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Dara was one of 2NE1"s most beloved members. She has many idol người boys including EXO’s Chanyeol & 2PM’s Wooyoung (to name a couple) but how much bởi vì you know about this quirky, fashionable star?

Let’s learn a little more about Dara!

1. Dara was a popular celebrity in the Philippines before she debuted with 2NE1. She appeared in movies, dramas & even had vinaexpress.com.vnmercials!

2. She loves lớn prank people by stealing their phones and putting a picture of her face as the wallpaper (she can take my phone anytime haha)!

3. Dara was born in 1984 which makes her 33 this year (she still looks 20).

4. If someone doesn’t reply lớn Dara’s texts, she’ll delete them off her liên hệ danh sách. Once even a 2NE1 thành viên got deleted! 

5. She’s speaks four languages including English, Korean, Filipino & Japanese.

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6. Out of all the 2NE1 members, she was the only one who ate ramen (she’s lucky - she never had khổng lồ cốt truyện haha)!

7.  Dara’s pet name for her little brother, Park Sang-hyun (Thunder) is ‘Dog Poop." ~Classy~

Every week on my Facebook page KPOPOJOE I ask for your opinions. This week I asked:

Have you ever seen your favourite K-pop group live, and how was it?

Here are the top vinaexpress.com.vnments:

"I have sầu seen Got7 live sầu at their Sydney fanmeet. Got7 was incredible, getting lớn see my idols that cthua thảm (I did get Gold standing) and laughing with them was so much fun. When I got the photo lớn op I was lucky enough lớn not only get to lớn have a conversation with Yugyeom, my bias, but he also then hugged me for the pholớn. Definitely an experience I will never forget." - Simon Wakeford

" I did! I got VIP.. tickets for the EXO"rDIUM in Mexico. It was simply beautiful. The guys looked very happy và energetic and they were really nice lớn all of us. They all look more handsome in person tBảo hành. We all enjoyed the night with them. They are really amazing, funny & talented. It has been the best day of my life." - Ilse Hun

"The amazing Got7 and VIXX at the Toronto K-pop Con, the gorgeous Chaelin in LA, & stupidly talented Bangchảy Boys in Anahelặng. Every time has been a better và better experience. Got7 & VIXX interacted with the audience a lot and it was kind of intimate, for a concert. JB had even been hurt at the time but was amazing lớn vinaexpress.com.vne perkhung và sing for us anyways. CL was even more beautiful và talented in person. Seeing her was life changing; I kid you not. And BTS... they put on such a professional, airtight show. It was one amazing performance after another that ended in a beautiful anthem of fans singing và confetti softly falling around us. I can"t possibly describe how amazing these shows were and how lucky I feel khổng lồ have sầu seen them." - Amber Robertson

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