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In Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) the first step is Requirement Gathering where we need khổng lồ start carefully with reading the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document, understanding the requirement, raised the queries about missing, incomplete or unclear requirements. The main alặng of the this stage is lớn understvà & unclear the hidden requirements.

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TheSRSis basically the set up agreement between supplier & the customer tell us about “what are we going to implement in software application.” As per the IEEE standard the characteristics of a great SRS should be Clear, Correct, Complete, Traceable, Modifiable, Verifiable, Ranked for importance and/or stability, Consistent and Unambiguous.

If development team started working on implementation without resolving the missing/unclear requirements then this will introduce defects in the software application.

It is always better to lớn catch the ambiguities in requirement early in the SDLC. Cost of fixing thedefects in early stage is lower than fixing defect in later stages. It is most important lớn identify the ambiguities in the requirementbefore thiết kế specifications and project implementation phases of SDLC, hence this first stage is also known as Defect Prevention step.

In this article we will discuss about detailed guidelines for Software Requirements Specification document reviews and checklist:

Make sure that all team is participating in the Software Requirements Specificationdocument review & read specification document carefully và discuss each & every point with your team members.The main part of SRS should cover about the Functionality & it should tell us about “What is the software supposed to lớn do?” It will be helpful if SRS covering about “What is the software not supposed to lớn do?” So make sure that all functionality is properly the requirement specification document carefully & if you observed terms used which in specs leads to ambiguities then ask stakeholder about the clarification. You can kiểm tra the ambiguousterms used in SRS lượt thích usually, sometimes, some, mostly,most, may be etc.Cheông xã the terms used like lists but not clearly mentioned or fully mentioned the danh mục lượt thích So on, etc, Make sure you should clarify the full danh mục.Cheông chồng aboutwhat all attributes are considered in the SRS like correctness, portability, security, maintainability etc.

Do not assume any requirements; if any requirement is unclear then you should raise the queries. Example, if one đầu vào field is accepting amount greater than 10 and less than 100. So here you can ask about are we going lớn tư vấn decimal points for this filed, if yes then how many places.If the requirement is explained with big paragraph then make sure that you are breaking the paragraph in small sentence & prepare a picture or graph lớn better understanding of scenario.

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If any unclear specifications, make sure that all queries should be resolved from the Product Manager as soon as possible.If any calculation is involved to get the particular values, then make sure that you reviewing the calculation with different sets of đầu vào data (think of passing boundary value conditions.)Check for the Performance parameters requirement is considered in SRS document, if yes then you can ask for the requirements about what should beresponse time, availability, tốc độ, recovery time etc.If the module is bit bigger and complex in nature then divide the module into its features & kiểm tra the test scenargame ios around the feature. You can also break down the thử nghiệm scenarios as well inlớn the thử nghiệm cases if thử nghiệm scenario is also bit complex.Make sure that all question/queries/pending issues should be tracked under issue tracker (you can also track this in simple excel as well). Make sure that capturing each & every question in the tracker và make sure that it should get resolved from the Product Manager or Program owner.Upon getting clarification from them, then make sure that revision history is maintained.Once the all queries get resolved and final sign off requirement specification document is finalized và now if any change requirement is came then you should raise queries about impacted areas.


In this article we have sầu covered characteristics of requirement measurement. Here I am sum up the requirement testing in simple statement:

Requirements should be clear và every point should specifically mention. Requirements should be complete, without any inconsistency.Requirements should be testable và every testable requirement should have sầu some criteria to lớn evaluate the requirement.Requirements should be measurable & it can be measured with specific standards/terms.

Make sure that any ambiguities in requirement should be identified early in the SDLC phase so it will reduce the cost to lớn fixing the uncertainty in requirement. You should more talk stakeholders lớn clarify the requirement before starting design & implementation phase.

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Have you worked onreviewed Software Requirements Specification document?

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