Candy Crush Saga Online

Candy Crush Saga & developer King is celebrating the game"s 10th anniversary after over 3 billion downloads with new updates & features.

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Candy Crush Saga has today turned 10, and one of the world's most popular casual games is celebrating it with new in-game content. The developer of Candy Crush Saga, King, is promising celebratory features and updated, which include newly added audio tracks. Even after 10 years since its release, Candy Crush Saga is still among the most downloaded games in 2022 & cracks the top10 most downloaded smartphone games regularly.

King was originally a webgame online developer but after the massive success of Candy Crush Saga, switched to di động game development. Since 2016, King has been owned by Activision Blizzard. Candy Crush Saga is King's most popular game and was the successor of two other match-3 swapping games Bubble Saga & Bubble Witch Saga. Since its release in 2012, Candy Crush Saga has expanded into a franchise, including upgrades và sequels lượt thích Candy Crush Soda Saga & Candy Crush Friends Saga.

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To celebrate the ten-year journey of Candy Crush Saga, King is adding new features to the game. These include twelve new audio tracks, created with the help of a live orchestra. These new tunes have been recorded at the Abbey Road Studios in London, the studio that most famously recorded The Beatles. Other than that, the developer doesn't reveal other details, but players can find out when logging in. Candy Crush Saga is available on mobile platforms, Android & iOS, & these updates will apply to lớn both.


As Candy Crush Saga is celebrating its 10th anniversary, it has garnered more than 3 billion downloads. This makes it the most downloaded casual match trò chơi of all time và is in contention for the most downloaded smartphone game ever. In August 2022, Candy Crush Saga was the fourth most-downloaded mobile game with downloads in the millions or tens of millions. According to Candy Crush developer King, each day players are swiping the equivalent distance of three & a half times around the globe playing Candy Crush Saga.

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While the billions of downloads have accrued over an extended period of time, the Candy Crush community is still very active. According lớn King, hundreds of millions of players play Candy Crush Saga around the world. With 200 million monthly users, the game has been played on every continent and continues to be among the top-grossing games. In fact, it has managed to lớn take the top-grossing game franchise in the US phầm mềm store for 21 quarters in a row.