Too faced sweet peach eyeshadow palette review: ingredients, before & after


Make-up lovers are probably familiar with various products from Too Faced. One of the best selling items from the brvà is their famous peach eyeshadow palette. This palette started as a limited edition, but due lớn its popularity, it’s been in & out of stock from time khổng lồ time & it sells out almost instantly. Is it worth the hassle?

Secondly, these eye shadows have a fresh, peachy scent lớn it. This is a trend that I’ve previously seen with Too Faced chocolate-themed collections that smell so much like chocolate I’m tempted to lớn take a bite. Some fruit essences tover khổng lồ be too strong and artificial, but this one isn’t like that. It’s fresh & light, very pleasant lớn your nose. I wouldn’t confuse it with the real peach, but its sweet & a nice touch. If you’re someone who dislikes strong fragrances, don’t worry. It won’t linger on while on your face.Compared khổng lồ most similarly priced Too Faced palettes, this one is a bit bigger. Other palettes come with 16 shades, while this one has 18. All of them are 0.03 oz, which is pretty standard. The shades have sầu xinh đẹp names, and the peachy, summery theme is continued here as well. However, I have lớn notice that I expected some colors to be different. First off, there isn’t really much peach going on when it comes to the color scheme. Most shades are neutral brown, which isn’t bad but isn’t quite what I imagined. There are only three lớn four peachy shades, but oddly the same number of purple tones, & even one green! Surprisingly, this didn’t inspire me too much, as I had trouble matching shades together. I had lớn reach out to some other palettes I own for most of the looks I wanted lớn make. If you are a novice make-up user, I am unsure if you would get used lớn such a color scheme.When it comes to color pay off, most shades are excellent, & there is little khổng lồ complain in this field. The texture of most shades is soft, and they are easy lớn blend. The mattes apply better when used with a primer, though, but they are smooth without it as well – albeit a bit sheer. However, I had a problem with the Just Peachy shade, as it was quite a bit patchy và powdery. This isn’t very pleasant, as Just Peachy is one of two actual peach shades that this palette had. I had lớn layer it in order khổng lồ make the most out of it, but even then, it wasn’t as pretty as I had hope. All in all, the palette isn’t really consistent when it comes khổng lồ formulas, so some shades are better than the others. Most colors are pretty good, though, so my disappointment isn’t that big.Also, as these colors are entirely natural, I do think they would look better on deeper skin tones. Peachy tones vì chưng look great on most people, so even though I can’t chạy thử this by myself, I vày believe the claims about this palette looking great on people of all colors are true.

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As I’ve sầu already mentioned, the formulation isn’t the same on all shades. Nothing is really problematic or confusing in the ingredient danh sách, so this is all good. Also, I have sầu khổng lồ mention the entire palette is không tính tiền of parabens, sulfates, và phthalates. Not just that, but it’s gluten-free! This is excellent news if you’re someone that can’t st& having gluten in cosmetics.

Is It Vegan And Cruelty-Free?

Too Faced is a well-known cruelty-free br&. None of its products are tested on animals, and Peach Eyeshadow Palette is no different. Some Too Faced products are vegan, but Peach Eyeshadow Palette isn’t one of them. Some of its shades contain animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products, such as carmine, which is commonly found in red hues.

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Before And After

The color scheme isn’t really what I have sầu expected, but it’s really pretty overall.
This is one of the looks that is possible with this palette. Some shades vì chưng go well with each other, but I can’t be too creative with it.Another look created with this palette.

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All in all, I have sầu some mixed feelings about this palette. The packaging is one of the cuthử nghiệm I’ve sầu seen, & the formulations are overall good. There are some duds, but most of the shades work blkết thúc more than fine, và the payoff is excellent. However, I am a bit disappointed in the color range the palette has. I have sầu expected it khổng lồ have more peachy tones instead of so many neutrals. Still, this is only my personal preference, và I am sure that a lot of people will be more than happy with the colors it has. In the over, chances are I had too big expectations. Overall, for a $49 palette, this is more than the value for money.

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