The saem power ampoule whitening review

I have sầu finally got around buying things lớn shrink my pores! I have been horrified by how awful my pores look sometimes and thought I needed to do something about it. I have started khổng lồ deep clean my pores 1-2 times a week and also needed an essence to tighten my pores. I received a sample of Lioele"s Dr.Ampoule Pore Tightening essence & really liked it but for some odd reason I still gravitated towards The Saem and bought this. So I will tell you about my experiences with this product...

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It claims to be an intense pore-tightening ampoule that makes rough skin with enlarged pores feel smoother and tighter. It contains ingredients such as tea tree, arabian coffea seeds, chestnut, persimtháng, peppermint, almond extracts và many more.
I was expecting the consistency khổng lồ be a more liquidy và clear but instead it"s almost gel lượt thích texture with trắng colour. I instantly thought that the pipette is absolutely useless with the sản phẩm & I was right. Sure it is very hygienic way lớn get the hàng hóa but the consistency is just too thiông chồng for it because the product does not come out easily inkhổng lồ the pipette and I found myself struggling trying khổng lồ get it out.

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I have only ever used one pore tightening essence before & I liked how it made my skin feel fresh và tight. This, however, does not make my skin feel either! I only use it around my t-zone and it doesn"t have that nice tightening effect like a pore tightening essence should have sầu which was quite disappointing. It does make my skin feel slightly smoother than usual...

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Unfortunately it did not minimise my pores...In fact it broke me out! I stopped using it after I had been using it for a month & I don"t have sầu spots anymore between my eyebrows, chin or cheeks.Unfortunately since this product broke me out và did not work for my skin, I cannot provide unbiased pros & cons on this product!In conclusion, this sản phẩm broke me out badly! Even when I was unaware of that side effect on my skin, I have lớn say I was not impressed. Theconsistencyof the product is very thiông chồng & heavy. The packaging is cheap và the pipette is useless! It was not what I thought a pore tightening serum should vày...Unfortunately this was a complete waste of money for me...You can get it fromCosmetic-Lovefor 12.4GBP (approx. 21,840KRW or 18.50USD)Happy Holidays!

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