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Welcome! As Realtors, we understvà we aren’t selling a product— we are guiding families through what is typically ones of the largest financial and emotional transaction they will vày. Whether it is your first home page or your tenth trang chính, a retirement home page, or an investment property, we will work hard khổng lồ make your trang chủ selling or buying experience a positive sầu one.

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To be a Realtor takes hard work, passion, experience, persistence and a willingness to evolve sầu. We ayên ổn to be the most up-to-date agents on all things real estate so that we are best equipped lớn help you find the igiảm giá home page with the least amount of hassle; Buying or selling a house is a very important decision & a big undertaking.

In fact, most people only buy và sell a few homes in their lifetime. You have experts you trust for your health and your wealth; when it comes khổng lồ real estate you must also place your trust in the hands of a team of experts.

We have sầu designed this website to be full of helpful information before, during và after your transaction. Click on everything and use this site as your guide khổng lồ help accomplish your Real Estate Goals!

Best experience ever! We have used this team twice & will continue khổng lồ use them in the future. Highly recommover Reyna amd Ruby! They make the process run smoothly and answer all our questions.(Bought Single Family trang chủ in Deer Park: See available homes here)
Buying a trang chủ was the BEST Experience, it was for sure a long process but so easy with Reyna’s help as our Realtor and her team. She is Def very dedicated, knows what she is doing và is on top of things !! I’d recommend her or her team lớn anyone hands down! (Purchased in Houston: Search all Houston Homes)

I loved working with The queen team they were a great help in finding my trang chính. They are always available khổng lồ answer any questions & I recommover them lớn everyone I know!(Bought Single Family Home in Pasadena: See available homes here)
Great team to work with. Thanks for helping us and our kids get our dream trang chính. – They bought a trang chính in Channelview. Search for Channelview homes here!

Houstonian Mortgage Group has exceptional staff that will explain the entire trang chính buying process in detail. Amy, Ruby’s assistant did a wonderful job in showing homes & making us feel comfortable every step of the way.(Bought Single Family trang chủ in Houston: See available homes here)

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Great experienced và understanding company would recommkết thúc. First time homeowners & they treated us like family & listened lớn what we wanted. Very professional và knowledgeable.(Bought Single Family trang chủ in Baytown: See available homes here)
I would highly recommend the queen team. They helped me cthua on a house that i had been waiting months for. They made the process very easy for me especially since I work nights. Awesome team!!(Bought Single Family trang chủ in Pasadena: See available homes here)
We had been looking for a home page for a while and nothing seemed lớn work out. Ruby’s team was very helpful because my wife and I were starting to give sầu up on the idea of buying our first trang chủ. They pushed us to keep looking and would not let up until we found the perfect home. They were very patient with us & answered every question respectfully và professionally but we felt like at the same time they were longtime friends , who’s opinion we could trust. Anyways , we have sầu now been in our new hom…
The one thing I really liked about my mortgage closing was “that I kept getting an array of house options until I found the house of my dreams. Besides providing options, Reymãng cầu và Ruby took the time every week to lớn go house hunting with me. This kept me encouraged và motivated until I found the house I wanted. I wasn’t expecting to lớn lượt thích the house I purchased but since it was an option, I decided to go see it, little did I know it was everything I was looking for. The chocolates và candy sent…
We are truly grateful for all the help Reyna gave sầu us! She made our dream come true for our family. We want to thank you for everything your doing for us till this day! I will continue khổng lồ recommkết thúc all my friends and family to lớn you!(Bought Single Family Home in Channelview: See available homes here)

Ruby Miranda, "The Texas Queen of Real Estate", và The Queen Team are Greater Houston"s most innovative sầu real estate team!

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