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Plants vs Zombies 3
Tower Defenses
Unlimited Suns, No Reload

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83.79 MB
Android 4.4W


Defend the garden from zombies

This game still retains the content compared khổng lồ Plants vs Zombies 2. You are the owner of a house và a small garden in a peaceful small town. One day, a zombie epidemic broke out across the city, your small town is no exception. They are everywhere, infecting every living organism. They discovered you were in the house & looking for ways to eat your brain. But before entering the house, the zombies must walk through your garden…

In fact, you don"t need lớn fight zombies lượt thích shooting or survival games. The stage is for the trees in your garden. Right. With 10 years of my watching movies experience, zombies cannot spread the disease to lớn plants. It is possible that the virut does not work on plants, or it may not have been exploited by any manufacturer. Plant plants that are capable of fighting to repel zombie attacks.


The rules of Plants vs Zombies 3 follows the rules of tower defence. Your garden is divided into plots (5x7). With the horizontal screen of the phone, you drop each crop onto any piece of soil you want. Note that every crop has a price calculated by light.

Zombies are constantly attacking from the right side of the garden. You have to calculate the time well if you want to stop them. As long as a zombie enters the house, the trò chơi will end. Zombies have different types and they come from many different places. Of course, there are many more powerful zombies that will appear after each level, but in return, you have more powerful plants with unique skills. You must complete the levels khổng lồ unlock more new crops.

In this version, you don"t need to collect the sun. Besides, you also don"t need lớn plant sunflowers like the original version. Automatic light increases with time, you can choose any type of tree when the required number of lights.

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Plants vs Zombies 3 has a bản đồ to help you know at what stage of your journey. There are many places to lớn explore lượt thích Egyptian pyramids, ancient temples, rainforests, … With each location, you need suitable plants because zombies have many different types. Some plants can be strong in this area, but can also be completely harmless when faced with zombies in other areas.


If you"ve played the previous two games, you may have noticed that this version has been upgraded quite well in terms of graphics. Images are sharper, more realistic. Colors are also very bright and harmonious. The sound is also done quite well with funny sounds of plants and zombies. By relatively simple graphics, the trò chơi can easily be compatible with most android devices.

Currently, the trò chơi is in pre-alpha version. So there are still some errors. The quảng cáo trên internet EA will soon improve & give players the most complete version of this game.

MOD android version of Plants vs Zombies 3

MOD Feature

Unlimited Suns: In the mod version, we modified the cost of the sun lớn zero. That means you don"t need the sun khổng lồ be able to lớn buy trees.

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Note when use

If when opening a game, the game reports an error, you only need to lớn click retry or OK to download the trò chơi more data. Remember khổng lồ turn on the internet to get this done!

Download Plants vs Zombies 3 MOD android for Android

Overall, Plants vs Zombies 3 is an easy-to-understand & easy-to-play trò chơi with no complicated operations. Anyone can play this game. As a boy, I played the first version on PC and now I can still play this trò chơi for hours. But vì chưng not for that reason you rush to evaluate that this trò chơi lacks the challenge. Many levels are difficult with zombies equipped with powerful weapons that will take you a month to lớn overcome. The game allows tải về completely for free, you can tải về the android file via the link below the article.