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My Talking Tom 2 Mod app android is here. The popular virtual animal has returned with even more things to lớn say và do. This cute mèo is eager to lớn display his new look, talents, and unique qualities.

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My Talking Tom 2
Outfit7 Limited
Unlimited Coins/Star

You are a lover of lovely cats, or you like to take care of pets, then My Talking Tom 2 is the choice for you. With the famous game My Talking Tom, many people around the world are fascinated. The quảng cáo online Outfit7 upgrades the game, và there will be many completely different features lớn give this version a new wave for the virtual animal farming genre. You lượt thích to raise animals but can’t afford to raise them, & the game will be the place for you lớn fulfill that dream.



Taking care of the cat, Tom will become more colorful with new shapes & many cool things waiting for you lớn discover. The trò chơi has increased its appeal to lớn players with more quality features, and You will be surprised with mini-games, costumes, và new friends. The feature for Tom is to fly a plane around the world so you can take your mèo to travel và collect more items. You will be flying & exploring the vast world for the first time in this version. Travel around the world & dress yourself up in beautiful outfits.

Tom will have more toys for him lớn play with. In addition, when he is injured, you can also treat him with medical tools. Especially Tom can also play with his pet, unlock the pet so you can help your mèo have more fun. This new version will design for your cát more mini-games. From there you earn many attractive rewards.


Improved from the previous version, My Talking Tom 2 retains its basic gameplay. The player’s task is lớn take care of the mèo as quickly as possible, but at the same time, find a way to entertain it. Tom will have requests or facial expressions so that players know what it needs. Every time Tom is hungry, the sound of his belly will signal to you, you must give him enough nutritious food so that your cát does not get sick.

Please pay attention lớn feeding the mèo what it craves. That helps you get more stars than usual. Don’t forget to give it a full meal with a variety of dishes to play the mini-games in the game. You can also tease your cát by attaching it to lớn the wall, poking its body, và throwing it anywhere. Vày you believe Tom can talk? As long as you say any sentence, Tom can imitate that word or sometimes sing it for you.

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My Talking Tom 2 not only lets you raise a mischievous cát but also contains many other mini-games. This is the play area for your mèo to test his skills. Tom has countless game genres to lớn experience, from brain games to action, all of which provide your mèo with the most exciting entertainment world. Trampoline, basketball or you can also let Tom build puzzles, fly planes, even climb aboard a spaceship in the most novel space.

When you let your cát Tom participate in more mini-games, you will receive more gold. Something that every player wants a lot. Buy furniture or change the look of your mèo with the gold you get. Start changing your cat’s fur, eye color, or really personal outfit in your collection. You use the gold you have lớn buy food for Tom too. This is what is needed for the fastest Tomcat.



After exhausting gaming activities, take your cat to a clean bath. Và remember, every morning when your mèo wakes up, you need to give him a clean toilet. Sometimes your cát also gets sick or injured when playing mini-games. At such times, you need khổng lồ take care of it more carefully. Use the medicine cabinet in the house & help your pet mèo recover from illness.

When you complete many tasks, your cát will gradually grow up. You will organize a birthday buổi tiệc ngọt for your mèo Tom to lớn celebrate his 1-year-old growth. At each birthday, your cát will be given an attractive gift. This version of My Talking Tom 2 has an additional collection of attractive cards when your cat reaches the age milestones such as 10, 20, 30.

My Talking Tom 2 gives players the most different experiences with a unique maps style. Enhanced graphics help players feel closer. You will feel lượt thích you are raising a real cát with interactive features with gentle touches. Let’s decorate the house for your pet cat to become the most sparkling so that you can play with it happily. Tom will be your best friend as you take care of him and make him grow up happily.

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You are now ready to tải về My Talking Tom 2 for free. Here are some notes:

Please read our gian lận Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properlyDownloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.