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Developed in the popular "Three in a Row" style, Pokemon XY is an entertaining puzzle game. The player will have to assist the main characters. In the playing field, you need to lớn combine elements of the same shape or color to size a chain. Performing this action will allow you khổng lồ get rid of unnecessary fragments, for which the apk user will receive trò chơi points. Throughout the passing process, you will come across a variety of bonuses that should be used in a difficult situation.

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The Pokémon X & Y games are the first two installments of the sixth generation of the main Pokémon game series, having a very similar game play to its predecessors. Satoru Iwata, the President of the Nintendo company, explained that the names of the games are symbolic of the X axis & Y axis. Iwata went on lớn explain that there are different dimensions that the people và Pokémon of the games live in, và somewhere along the dimensions they cross, giving a mixed reality.


AboutPokemon XY APK

A hobbyist who loves lớn explore new lands, mysterious lands, và discover new things, the application Pokémon X & Pokémon Y can bring you new surprises that you never had before. This is a completely new trò chơi that has never appeared before in the gaming world, so not many people are aware of it. What are you waiting for? Play this game và join the exciting adventures!

Come to the world of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y và you will be transformed into the character of your choice. Dress to impress and set out on your quest. On top of that, you will discover large lands in Kalos, cities, roads,... Along the way, you will meet acquaintances and accidentally meet pokemon. The city of Lumiose cannot be ignored if you come khổng lồ this world. The thành phố is a famous one and is a focal point for the entire region.

You will find a wide variety of Pokemon in this brand new game. As an example, the first type of Pokemon is called Fairy-type Pokemon. Fairy-type Pokemon are very powerful against Pokemon from other generations. In addition, there are many other Pokemon of the type, each with its own characteristics và functions. As a character, you have the right to lớn go on an adventure & explore the places you want. There are also many new types of fighting, which are very exciting and attract players, especially new ones. Besides that, you also take care of your Pokemon with features. Feed them frequently, play with it to lớn increase cohesion & integration. Battles will be more realistic the closer you are lớn Pokemon.



In what is known as the Kalos region, the player embarks on an adventure. The Kalos region offers the player the ability lớn visit different areas, meet people, explore quality cities, encounter Pokémon, và take a break after a long day in Lumiose City, the region"s hub.

Before going on an adventure, the player can customize his or her character, an exciting option included in many Pokémon games. It is possible lớn pick a gender (boy or girl) and various features about the aspiring trainer to lớn find a look that suits them.



In the fifth generation of the series, Pokémon X & Y show a new type of Pokémon: fairy types (although they were released in 1999, this is the first time they are seen in a Pokémon game). Pokémon of the fairy type were brought into the trò chơi to balance the dragon and dark types.

The game introduced new Pokémon types, as well as new types of battle for players khổng lồ experience. With air battles between flying type Pokémon, the ground element is removed, which makes it quality for these types và introduces a new style of battle. Horde encounters also offer even the most experienced Pokémon players a worthy fight, as multiple wild Pokémon fight at once with the player"s choice of Pokémon.

As part of a new feature that makes a player"s Pokémon fight better in battle, they now have new options for strengthening the Pokémon and their bond with the trainer. Trainers can use the Pokémon-Amie feature lớn play, feed, and pet their Pokémon khổng lồ improve their bond and performance in battle.

Additionally, via Super Training, a new khung of training that increases a Pokémon"s base stats, a trainer can tốc độ up their Pokémon"s Mega Evolution, a new size of evolution that unlocks long-dormant abilities.


How to download and Install Pokemon XY APK?

Pokemon XY game android is easy to tải về on your phone. We have created a simple guide that can assist you in downloading it for free.

Step 1 – tải về Button

First of all, you have to lớn click on the download button provided by us. Now you have come khổng lồ the download page, you have to lớn wait a few seconds, then click on download, the android will start downloading automatically.

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Step 2 – file Manager

Click on the tải về button lớn begin downloading. Go khổng lồ your file manager and search for the game android file.

Enable Unknown Source:Third-party applications need unknown source settings lớn be enabled before they can be installed. Any third-party application on android cannot be installed without enabling the unknown source settings.

Step 3 – Install the Application

Now tap on that game android file of Pokemon XY app android you have downloaded. Once you do that you will have your application installed.

Step 4 – Let"s get started!

You will now have a Pokemon XY android icon on your phone. Simply tap on it khổng lồ begin using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pokemon XY android Free?

Yes, it is a free app, & the users won"t be charged for using it on their phones or other devices.

Can I download Pokemon XY apk legally?

Yes, it is a safe và legal application, even though it is free to use. It has plenty of excellent features.

Why does Pokemon XY apk not work?

If your app is outdated or not updated lớn a new version, it may not work properly. So you can update the tiện ích today khổng lồ ensure it works properly & smoothly.

How vì chưng I Update Pokemon XY APK?

Pokemon XY app android is from a third-party developer, so an automatic update won"t be available. You will need to lớn manually update the phầm mềm by removing the old version và installing the new version.

Is my apk device required to have root access in order to lớn install Pokemon XY APK?

No, Rooting is not required khổng lồ install Pokemon XY APK. This ứng dụng doesn"t require special permissions. So, you can install & use the ứng dụng without rooting your device. However, if your device already has root access then you can also use the app without any difficulty. It provides the same features and interface lớn both rooted & non-configured devices.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of directly downloading the Pokemon XY APK?

Pros:The application is safe & secure.You can easily install and use the app.Third-party ads are not available.It is không tính tiền to tải về and use.There is no need to sign up for the appCons:They will not automatically update.Google does not always verify them.There is little innovation in the designIt is not suitable for slow internet


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