The body shop vitamin e overnight serum


If I had lớn point out one sản phẩm, which has made the biggest impact on my skin’s wellbeing, it would be this serum – Drops of Youth concentrate by The Body Shop.

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I started lớn use this last Summer, when my skin was going through some rough patch. My acne was quite bad, I had lots of red pimples và the texture was uneven. What I was longing for, was a smooth, balanced skin. Luckily, this serum worked amazingly for me & I still continue lớn use it. Right now I have sầu acne scars as a memory from the painful acne, but this serum also helps to treat those scars.

Obviously, when it comes khổng lồ skincare it goes so much deeper than just what it seen on the outside. I’m not saying that this hàng hóa cured my skin – but it helped with the process. When it comes lớn acne và skincare, it’s important lớn treat the skin with the right medication, but a good routine with effective sầu products is just as important.


I’m wearing really minimal makeup in this photo: only a touch of concealer, makeup powder, blush & brow pen. Can you see how smooth và healthy my skin looks (besides the acne scars obviously)?

For my skin, I use it daily – most of the time. It’s great for me in summer, fall và spring. The only time my skin gets too sensitive & dry khổng lồ any exfoliating products, is winter. Right now it gets khổng lồ -18°C, so I’m taking a little break from this product as well as from my purifying mud masks. You should always listen lớn your skin! I apply the serum in the evening & I let it sit for about half an hour, then I follow with my other products.

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But to sum it all up: I love this serum and it’s one of those rare products, that actually seem to lớn make a big difference. It helps with my skin texture, pimples, dryness and even oiliness. It makes my skin feel smooth và balanced. When you’re treating a skin, that has a tendency lớn oiliness & pimples and skin texture (talking about those sebaceus filaments!) – you need to exfoliate your skin. But you need to vị it gently, & that’s when these acids come in handy. Exfoliation is also the key in treating acne scars. I’m speeding up the renewal process of my skin, basically.

This product has been so good, I’m tempted khổng lồ try the other products from the range.

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Shop the serum:

*The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate

Have you tried this serum? Do you use acids such as salicylic acid in your skincare?

P..S. If you want khổng lồ read more in-depth information about acids & salicylic acid in skincare, I recommend reading this article.