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Got some spare cash and was in the market for a goalkeeper after selling Allisson TOTY which I was fed up with (he cost me 5-6 wins with stupid mistakes and rebounds last WL). Went through several comments and Đánh Giá, majority of which says that all the goalies are pretty much the same. And while last goalies I had, all had the same problem - were conceding a lot of near post goals và were giving the ball lớn the opponents after silly rebounds, I thought this was probably the truth và wanted to over up with Ter Stegene or lloris. But somehow, I ended up buying this guy instead (was curious about him), & I can say for the 20 rivals I played with hyên ổn, he convinced me that he is staying in the club. Amazing gk, cant wait khổng lồ try hyên out in WL tomorrow, he gives a lot of confidence.

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Huge body (covers a lot of area)Great reflexesGreat 1 on 1Catching a lot of balls which other GK would rebound



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He is insane I played 32 games with him and I only conceded 7 goals and I am horrible at defending he saved me multiple times and with his kicking I managed to assist myself 2 goals his kicking feels lượt thích it is 99.
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