Thursday plantation tea tree blemish gel reviews, photos, ingredients


I have sầu another blemish control product to Review because I’m so concerned about my skin and vị you know any woman who doesn’t? I can’t stand looking at any blemishes on m face but sadly it keeps coming. So, the product that I’m going lớn talk about in this post is the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel. Thursday Plantation? Really? Haha that’s a weird name don’t you think?

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel. It’s pretty beat up because I used it everyday.

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I got the sản phẩm from my March năm ngoái Modbox and if you don’t know what Modbox is you can clichồng this. It’s basically a monthly beauty box subscription and I’m not subscribing to it anymore because I don’t really lượt thích the products that I got. But it’s pretty inexpensive sầu và you can try it if you don’t want to spover hundreds on a beauty box.



Anyway, let’s get bachồng business. Before I start talking about the sản phẩm, let me tell you one or two things about my skin condition. It’s super oily, not just in the T zone, it’s oily all over my face. I’m very prone to lớn acne & whiteheads are my worst enemies. The name of the hàng hóa is pretty self-explanatory. It’s supposed to lớn help with blemishes a.k.a zit, acne & breakouts.

The packaging is handy và nothing fancy, does the job và pretty hygienic. It contains tea tree oil: it’s the key ingredients in most acne-controlling product. I prefer tea tree oil khổng lồ benzyl peroxide because benzyl peroxide can be quite harsh on my sensitive sầu skin. If you don’t like the smell of tea tree oil, this might not be the sản phẩm for you because the tea tree oil smell can be quite prominent but it will be gone after few minutes. It’s a clear gel so it won’t mess with your foundation because it won’t show.

I’ve sầu been using Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel religiously for nearly two months now & I think it’s an OK product. It’s not a miracle worker but I can say that I don’t have sầu to worry about zit popping out anymore because this sản phẩm is really good at preventing any breakouts from forming a head. Do you get what I mean? The zit will stay blind & the product also helps to soothe the skin and it will quicken the healing process.

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When I see a zit is about khổng lồ make an appearance, I will apply this sản phẩm on the problematic area after I washed and toned my face. I used Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel day và night without any problem. Be sure khổng lồ use hydrating moisturizer afterward because it can get pretty dry on the area where I applied the gel. So, that’s another thing that you need khổng lồ know because this gel might be too dry for people with dry skin. Also, it can get quite itchy if you apply too much.

If I have khổng lồ find few things to complain about this gel, I will say that I wish that it could heal my zit faster. It usually takes good 2-3 days before I can see dramatic change lớn the appearance on my skin. And also it did nothing lớn help with my whiteheads.

That’s all. So, I hope this đánh giá is helpful and let me know in the comment down below if you know any blemish gel that can work miracle because I would love sầu khổng lồ know.

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Will I repurchase? No. Mainly because I think there might be something better out there and I just haven’t discovered it yet. Da….

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