Put đi với giới từ nào

Every night, she puts out her clothes (= takes them from where they are kept so that they are ready) for the next day.

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If we put the chairs a little closer together (= move them nearer lớn each other), we should be able to get another one around the table.

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It was an interesting article but I wish they"d put in more information (= included more information) about the costs.
We"re going khổng lồ have sầu khổng lồ work very hard, but as Chris so succinctly put it, there"s no gain without pain.
The terrorists were put on trial (= their case was judged in a court of law) six years after the bombing.

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I originally thought he was Australian, but he soon put me straight (= corrected me) and explained he was from New Zealvà.
In the story of Sleeping Beauty, the wicked fairy puts a spell/curse ( US hex) on the baby princess.
The more you put inkhổng lồ something, the more you get out of it (= the harder you work at something, the more satisfying it is).
The president is trying khổng lồ put through (= bring inlớn operation) reforms of the country"s economic system.
He always puts the needs of his family first/last (= they are the most/least important thing khổng lồ him).
The irregular verb put means ‘move sầu something inkhổng lồ a particular place’. The past simple khung is put & the -ed form is put: …
If you put someone to lớn bed, you dress the person in the clothes worn for sleeping và see that the person gets inkhổng lồ bed:
We"re going lớn have to lớn work very hard, but as Chris so succinctly put it, there"s no gain without pain.

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put sb in a difficult/awkward/embarrassing, etc. position This puts me in a very difficult position.