Laura antonelli

The teenage son of an architect falls for an older woman, an attractive sầu housewife of his father"s client.

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Misery money-lender Arpagone is looking to arrange three weddings simultaneously to cut down on costs. One for himself and the others for his two children. Of course he doesn"t approve sầu of the choices his son và daughter have made, & conspires to arrange more well lớn do spouses against their will. However, fate will prove itself lớn be on the side of true love, not of the greedy.

3 episodes set in Montecarlo. In the first one a priest is compelled khổng lồ become the lover of a princess. In the second, a bé woman tries to cheat an insurance man. In the third, a man has lớn deal with his wife"s suicidal attempts.

The film is divided inlớn episodes mix on the beaches of Rimini. Gilvì (Paolo Villaggio) is a moralistic magistrate who shuts down red light districts but his enemies conspire to lớn photograph hyên in a compromising position with sex goddess Lola (Serena Grandi). Laura Antonelli plays a wealthy woman who believes her husbvà has drowned. A priest is forced to lớn put his mouth on a topless nun as the battle of morality verses misbehavior unfolds. A shy girl is forced khổng lồ fall in love with a hefty; a priest falls in love sầu with a nun; and a poor employee is forced to lớn vày menial jobs lớn his master for not being fired.

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Venice, sixteenth century. Giulio, a foreign gentleman spends a memorable night in the thành phố where he meets và beds two beautiful women. They are Angela, a widowed lady, & Valeria, whose husb& has left for Florence.
Slices of Life (Tranches de vie) is a 1985 French comedy-sci fi film directed by François Leterrier. It is based on Gérard Lauzier"s comic strip of the same name.
The rich Anmãng cầu Tassotti Maloni is un"evasore tax, following a police raid, she is forced to lớn repair outside Italy. On the way to the airport, it collides with police oto, driven by Achille ...

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Antonio is the husb& of a rich heiress who, shortly before his wife"s death, realizing he risks being expelled from the estate, convinces the dying woman lớn ask their small daughter Rosa for a vow of chastity, so that she cannot marry until the death of father. Twenty years later, she is now a beautiful woman, all trang chính & church, who lives in respect of the oath made on her mother"s deathbed. Soon, however, she starts first khổng lồ have strange dreams và then lớn have sầu winking night visits from her cousin Fernando. Extremely disturbed by these events, she confides lớn her confessor pastor that she wants to lớn become a nun và to lớn give sầu all her belongings khổng lồ charity. As soon as his father becomes aware of this idea, in order not lớn thua kém the patrimony of which he is the usufructuary, he organizes a group sexual initiation towards his daughter. This sự kiện, however, opens the eyes of Rosa who finally makes herself independent.

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