Ozone Strike Pro Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Introduction

Today we take a look at the Ozone Strike Pro Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, created with the bạn in mind. Lượt thích many of the keyboards on the market today, the Strike Pro is orientated towards the gaming community, with dedicated WASD LED red keys & five profiles for any combinations. The Ozone Strike Pro has its own mix of features khổng lồ stand out from the market và that is exactly what is necessary khổng lồ catch someone eyes on the desk or still in the box.

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Ozone is a company that solely focus on the gaming community and has a few products under its belt. With the ever growing market, with companies Patriot & G.Skill just announcing its gaming peripherals, not to lớn mention companies lượt thích Razer, Logitech, Corsair, & ROCCAT all taking a slice of the cake, it can be a bit overwhelming at the amount of choices. Many of these companies make an effort to really define each series và what puts it apart from the rest. Keyboard prices range from $30, for the basics, all the way khổng lồ $1500 for OLED custom keys, và I often find myself wondering is there a keyboard that can have it all for an reasonable price? Some have a few programmable macro keys, while others vị not. Some have lights và vice versa. Ozone puts the Strike Pro within the range of some RGB keyboards, which is very tempting to many people. So let's see what Ozone has to lớn offer with the Strike Pro!

Ozone Strike Pro Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Closer Look

First up is the front of the box. Ozone shows off the Strike Pro right on the front, with the keyboard all lit up. This gives a great representation of what is inside the box. Moving along, more information on the left side gives the highlights of the main selling points. These include 50 Million Keystrokes, USB / Audio Hub, và Fully Mechanical, lớn name a few. Above this is a black circle quickly letting the buyer know that this is a US keyboard. I have the feeling the only reason Ozone includes this bit of information must be because other language layouts are sold in Europe and Asia.

Flipping the box over, Ozone shows off more of its features, like Adjustable Polling Rate up khổng lồ 1000Hz, Key Response Time, và Adjustable Back Lighting, khổng lồ name a few more. Below that is a small picture of the keyboard with the same highlights covered before, but in eight different languages. On the left is a bit of information letting the potential buyer know that this keyboard uses Cherry MX Mechanical Keys. Below that is a picture of the USB / Audio Hub letting you know that this is a one stop cửa hàng for audio và mice, if that is your style.

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Rotating the box around shows the possible choices for the type of MX Cherry switch. This particular keyboard is using Brown switches, which gives a tactile response và little noise, unless you slam the keys down. For anyone who doesn't know MX Cherry switch colors, let me give you a quick rundown without going too in depth. The MX Cherry switches comes in a wide range of colors, which represent different type of tactile feedback, actuation force, và noise. The most common switches you will find are Black, Red, Blue, và Brown. For the most part the colors vì chưng represent the style of switches, but nothing is really in any sort of order.

The Brown switches are a great middle ground between procession keys, lượt thích the linear Cherry black that take a good amount of force and allows you to know exactly when a key is pressed based on that force. In comparison, the Cherry Reds may have the lightest actuation force of around 45 Cn & is geared towards fast-paced FPS. The xanh switches are the odd ones out, which are tactile like the the Brown switches, but have a loud click as it actuates.

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After opening the box, Ozone doesn't leave much khổng lồ the imagination, as the keybaord just barely fits after the extra packaging. Under the keyboard were the normal extras lượt thích manual, a sticker, và software disc. There isn't much more to look at here, so let's move on.