Impressive One Punch Man Live

One Punch Man is fighting his way inlớn live-action. Sony Pictures is adapting the popular manga as a feature film, THR has confirmed.

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The studio has tapped screenwriters Scott Rosenberg và Jeff Pinkner, the duo known forJumanji: The Next LevelandVenom.

One Punch Man launched in 2009 as a website comic from the Japanese artist ONE và centers on a supernhân vật named Saitama, who can defeat any foe with a single punch. Soon he grows bored and seeks out a bigger challenge.

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In 2012, One Punch Man moved to lớn publisher Jump Next, with ONE teaming with artist Yusuke Murata for the manga. It came lớn the American market in năm ngoái withVIZ Media and also has been adapted as an anime & as several games.

Avi Arad và Ari Arad of Arad Productions will produce the film adaptation.

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