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A friover and ex-colleague of mine got laid off last month. I learned of the news reading her newsletter to lớn pass time on the loo this morning: ‘I was laid off, now among muốn the 47 million people in the U.S. filing for unemployment benefits during the pandemic. It was tough at first emotionally, but I’m happy to report that I finally picked up on “American Accent Training”‘ – my friend wrote in an upbeat voice characteristically of her. ‘That was very brave & clever of her coming out with this news’ – I immediately thought lớn myself.

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I wanted lớn send her a comforting note & started to lớn imagine myself in her shoes. It must be hard for anyone lớn thất bại their job in their mid thirties when you just started a family và going from singular to plural in the number people you are responsible for. That is not khổng lồ say being unemployed is any easier in your forties, complacent and resistant khổng lồ change either.

As we grow, the types of failure khổng lồ deal with are harder. Yet I can’t stop but thinking we would cope better looking at these challenges like a child, rather than adult. Kids have sầu an experimental mindmix. They poke at things, touch, put in their mouth to learn about the world. They take risks và fails. They cry and then laugh. A child doesn’t know failure, it’s all play và experiments.

To live sầu with childish enthusiasm is one motkhổng lồ I learned from the movies. I was so inspired watching ‘Under the Tuscan sun’ when the modern fairy godmother character ‘Katherine’ says this is her secret.

So let’s experiment with life. Let’s fail early and often. St& up và smile, you have learned to lớn live life. Have sầu fun on the playground y’all!

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Quotes read in teenage years can make unwarranted impression. Steve sầu Job’s motto lớn to live sầu so as lớn ‘make a dent in universe’ was one that stuông xã with me with me. For a long time, this line reminded me that unless I dream big and work hard, I will some day die và be forgotten lượt thích a meaningless existence.

I wonder if Steve Jobs knows there are other ways khổng lồ leave sầu a dent on the world than work?

Let say you met someone, spent time with them và then parted. From your vantage point it is as if they have lived in your universe and then ceased lớn exist, right? Maybe you will meet a few people who even after they are gone, the memories of them make your universe kinder, brighter & warmer. Maybe they inspired you to become kinder, brighter, warmer.

Someone did manage khổng lồ make a dent in his short existence on my universe. He inspired me to lớn carry myself differently with his affectionate sensible respectful way of being. For one thing, he certainly did change the way I say thank you.

When I went khổng lồ Charles & Keith for a little retail therapy today, the store clerk waited on me for half an hour & fetched countless pairs of shoes for me to try. I finally bought 2 pairs of shoes, swiped my thẻ và about to say my transactional ‘thank you’

In that moment, I was reminded of someone who always says ‘thank you’ in such an earnest way he can make you feel touched because you know he meant it. I remembered his attentiveness, thoughtfulness, inquisitive without judging, respectfulness, affection, authentiđô thị, childlike enthusiasm. I felt thankful and inspired.

So I stopped, smiled, tilting my head and said an I-meant-it appreciation khổng lồ the retail associate. She smiled baông xã at me attentively and carefully gave me my shoes. It was not a transactional thank you, và I felt the glow of appreciation basking in that brief moment.

This was a small step. I hope one day I will make that affectionate mark on the universe of people I met lượt thích he did khổng lồ mine.

Isn’t it wonderful a wonderful thing to be remembered for your kindness và affection being?

Tran Anh Hung is a renowned French Vietnamese film director. His works are known for beautiful cinematography. The person who introduced me to lớn Tran Anh Hung said his films are story-less, & minimacác mục in dialogs. I believed it, và thought the purpose of the films were just for its aesthetics. Sometimes I romaticized that Tran Anh Hung loves his wife Tran Nu Yen Khe so much that he made the movies as an excuse khổng lồ record her translucent charms.

I discovered a new layer of meaning rewatching Scent of Green Papaya on the balcony last week. Perhaps I grew wise enough to see this philosophical layer, or maybe the knowledge has always been there but the verbalisation only showed itself when it was needed.

Only a zen master could explain it fully, but let me try in explaining it in my own clumsy words.

When things come into lớn your life, accept them. When things come out of your life, let them go. You can do all these with an unyielding character, what is you will remain you.

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Mdm. in the movie is a tired & kind mother and wife. She loves mui like her own lost daughter.

One night, her husband took off with the family’s entire savings. Learning that fact after checking the safe, she went bachồng to sleep. Next morning, she gave her earrings khổng lồ the butler saying ‘This is our food budget this month. Please manage’. She went to work at the silk store, calmly waited for the business khổng lồ come in khổng lồ weather the storm.

She doesn’t let go of her kindness, and her grace, no matter what.

One day, while cleaning up Mui dropped và broke her favorite antique vase. She just petted Mui on the head and said ‘Don’t worry. It’s ok.’

Mùi was raised in this family as a helper since young. She kept her sensitivity, aesthetic sensibility và kindness when she grew into lớn a beautiful woman. I can’t help but thinking of the Buddhism belief of ‘good fortune’ that accumulates throughout your life & past lives. You can tell Mùi radiates that ‘good fortune’ vibe, from the way her eyes bliên kết listening to the old man’s love sầu story, her simple joy watching the ants marching across the yard, her intuition khổng lồ offer herself lớn be petted by Mdm to sooth her pain of losing her own daughter, and of course her radiance that likes herself to lớn the buddha’s statute – the kind of beauty that attract good fate.

When I walked down the streets the next day, this line resonated with me. It feels calm, almost reassuring. There is no risk, no variable, no what-if scenarios in life once you accept it as it is, & know that you are.

Sự run rảy của khía cạnh khu đất sẽ hình thành phần đông ngọn sóng dữ dằn, vẻ vang thành các gợn không đều trên mặt nước mà không một ít mửa nao. Nếu có rượu cồn từ bỏ làm sao nhằm mô tả sự rung cồn nhịp nhàng, thì rượu cồn tự kia nên cần sử dụng tại chỗ này. Những cây anh đào toả ra, thu lại, bay bổng trên mặt nước. Nhưng điều lý trúc tốt nhất là mặc dầu đổi thay gắng làm sao, cây vẫn nguim vẹn là cây anh đào.

0The most sure way to have a sad unproductiveday
February 17, 2018 |

It’s easy. Simply open social media và start compare yourself lớn 5 of your random friends. This will likely ends up checking 30+ profiles and consuming 2+ hours of your time. You will then spend the next hour trying to lớn get baông chồng lớn whatever you were working on and realize it’s not possible as your mind continue to lớn race about the possibilities: if I had follow their path, I might have sầu their title/house/car/bag/ . Then self-doubt kicks in và you starts to ask yourself if the plan you have now will work out. And night falls while you wonder in powerlessness…

Yes, my friend, that is the most definitive sầu guide to have a sad unproductive day. Maybe that’s while the one who controls history is always the winner. So write your own history, don’t let others write their story over yours.

0Design your own personalMBA
February 6, 2018 |

Much like you, I don’t lượt thích the idea of an MBA. The opportunity cost of 2 years off work combined with potential tuition fees mean most MBAs program would cost $100K++. So after graduation one often find themselves urged to lớn l& a higher-earning job lớn biến hóa for that gap hence making oneself even more dependent on a fixed career path.

For those who want to craft their own path, a personal MBA is such a great option. You thiết kế your own goal, curriculum, và the best part yet you can use the otherwise-tuition-for-MBA to lớn build and fail on a business, meanwhile applying the theory of MBA inkhổng lồ practice.

My igiảm giá khuyến mãi personal MBA would look lượt thích this:

Allocate 1-2 years sabbatical leave sầu , & set aside $100K fund just for the personal education (it’s much cheaper than a ‘real’ MBA, và you might get some upside from this capital within 1-2 years)Purchase and solve the case from HBR about a topic of your choiceCost: $10 per case => Total cost: $1K maxWrite your discussion about the case topic và distribute it on a blog , chia sẻ that blog with a few friends / colleagues . Try lớn get as much real discussion lớn real people as possibleTake the principle from the case and think how you can use itBuild 1-3 real projects / businesses where you’ve always had interest in. You’ll invest most of your $100K fund into lớn these. It’s ok lớn thua trận money because this is your tuition.this is the best thing about personal MBA as you will be using your tuition as capital , & learn from real failures / successBuild a network through staying active in school/ex-employers community, reach out khổng lồ real community relevant for your business, seek out interesting people. You need lớn put in more work here as compared lớn a real MBA where the network is already there waiting for you lớn embrace. But for someone who is passive about networking, even that won’t help. So by actively building out your network, you might benefit more from this activity.

Would be interesting khổng lồ hear from some one who has done this, và their tips / realities.

0How lớn retire before turning30
January 31, 2018 |

Other than getting lucky with bitcoin và being that millionaire kid on Shopify, there is a much more predictable path to lớn financial freedom. Here are the steps:

Working hard lớn earn that above sầu average income immediately upon graduation: In Singapore the median salary for graduated students from top 3 universities were around $3.8K which means there would be people who earn $3K or $5K. Assuming a minimum living expense of $1.8K per month, these students would save sầu $1.2K or $3.2K a month respectively. What a stark difference, because someone with 60% higher salary will save 160% more than his peers. With the power of accumulative interest, it is possible for the higher earner to lớn retire 2X faster or work half the working life of his peer to achieve sầu the same financial status. There are also many ways to earn that extra income should outside of salary if one hustle hard enough.

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Pay off student loan immediately: Most people earn a lower interest on their savings than they pay on their loan. This is arguably true assuming the same level of risk because otherwise how would banks make their money? By maintaining debt, you are not optimizing your yields. So by all means, save sầu up & pay off that student loan as fast as possible. I saw friends who became debt không tính phí within 1 year of graduation on an average salary và it is so inspiring to lớn watch.Put all your savings in a low cost index fund as soon as you have sầu them: Most mutual funds vì not outpersize the benchmark stoông xã market index on a consistent basis. Yet they have sầu such a high expense ratio that whatever is left for your return is much worse than if you just straight out by an index fund. Of course, there are that very rare case of investor who beats the market consistently, but no one is sure if they are just merely lucky. So you have two choices: a Vanguard index fund or buy uncle Buffet’s stock (BRK.B)
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