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Working as an event DJ for 16 years now, with 9 of those years working as a professional Club DJ in Sydney’s eclectic nightlife scene, Nam prides himself on maintaining a svào dance floor and playing to lớn the crowd. Nam loves being an entertainer và has an energetic presence about him that just puts the crowd in a mood to enjoy themselves.

Nam has enjoyed great success in the industry & is all because of the time he puts inlớn preparing for an event và the vibe he brings with hlặng to each and every tiệc ngọt, corporate function, wedding and club appearances. He loves feeling the energy that a full dance floor gives him and really just wants khổng lồ see everyone having a good time.

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Is Nam experienced or what! There are people who have sầu been a DJ for 16 years, và then there are DJ’s who have been successful for 16 years. Nam has played at events and clubs such as *takes deep breath*Marquee Nightclub, Embassy Nightclub, Home Nightclub, Channel Ten’s Biggest Loser After Party, Midori Party, Alize Party, Chambord Party, The Shire Wrap Up Party, McDonalds Annual Party and much more. He has worked with some of Sydney’s biggest agents including Urban Agents và Xclusiv Entertainment.

When Nam isn’t rocking one of the nightclubs in Sydney, you can often find hlặng at some of Sydney’s most sort after venues entertaining at weddings, corporate functions & parties. No matter what you have in mind for your sự kiện, Nam has the experience and flexibility to lớn work in partnership with you lớn make it a function to lớn remember.

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Nam is a seasoned DJ, and when you’ve sầu done as much di động DJ work as hyên ổn, you will realise you specialise in just about every genre imaginable. Nam is a professional Wedding DJ with all the music to match, he has a svào passion for his Hip Hop, RNB, Disco & Funk hits.

This versatile, 5 Star rated DJ always plays to the crowd và can also drop some old school, disco, 70s và 80s classics for everyone on the dance floor. Nam has all the music lớn keep everyone at your event happy và dancing & has learned lớn be playing many music genres.

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