Hyungwon of monsta x: the tall, talented lead dancer, vocalist


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Full name: Chae Hyung-won (채형원)Position: Lead Dancer, Vocamenu, VisualBirthday: 15th January 1994Zodiac sign: CapricornHeight: 182 cm (6’0″)Weight: 60 kilogam (132 lbs)Blood Type: OInstagram:

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Hyungwon facts:– He was born in Gwangju, South Korea.– He was the 4th trainee confirmed as a thành viên of Monsta X (after survival TV show “No Mercy”).– He was born before Seollal (Lunar New Year), so he is being considered as 93 line though he technically was born in 94.– He has a younger brother Kyungwon (who already served military service).– He was 19 years old when he moved to lớn Seoul.– He is known for his thick lips.– He’s the one who sleeps the most. (He can sleep even 29 hours in a row).– He said he sleeps like a corpse.– He’s usually quiet và calm.– Before joining Monsta X, Hyung Won was a popular mã sản phẩm. He participated khổng lồ lots of fashion shows.– He participated in W Hotel & CeCi fashion show (No.Mercy ep.2)– He also had an endorsement khuyến mãi with LITMUS (clothes brand; spring’15)– He appeared in SURE magazine (July 2015).– Hyorin was surprised when she first met Hyungwon because of his handsome appearance.– Hyungwon learned khiêu vũ at JoyDance academy in his hometown (Minhyuk và I.M attended the same academy)– He is confident in his nhảy đầm skills.– He loves traveling. His parents own a travel agency, where he used to lớn work when he was younger.– During school days his nickname was “Dooly” because he had chubby cheeks.– Hyungwon thinks chubby people are the cuchạy thử in the world. (Monsta X’s Fancafe Attachồng – 4th Holiday 161130)– Admits that he searches up his name online.– Hyungwon is often referred to lớn as “the meme guy” because of his many memes.– He said that on Pepero Day (similar lớn Valentine’s Day, but held on November 11 in South Korea), he would lượt thích lớn give peperos khổng lồ Monsta X’s fans.– Shownu said he didn’t expect lớn debut together with such a handsome guy as Hyungwon.– Most confident part about his face: eyelashes (150212 press con)– Fans said Hyungwon looks even more handsome in reality.– He always uses blaông xã underwear.– He is afraid of everything that has more than 8 legs.– He likes folk music và he appreciates singers Jachồng Johnson và John Legover.– Kihyun said he’d lượt thích a duet with Hyungwon.– He is a terrible cook, according lớn his b& mates.– Hyungwon is a picky eater & gets full easy.– Hyungwon has a tiny little mole in the middle of his bottom lip.– He has quite a 4D personality.– He has an awful hand-writing.– His favorite foods are seasoned pork ribs (pork bbq), sashimày, salted fried giant shrimp.– His favorite color is blaông xã.– Hobbies: Modeling & shopping.– He is the best actor in the group.– His first impression of MX was that they’re strong, now he thinks they’re cute– He mentioned that a celebrity he’s close with beside MX is UNIQ’s Sungjoo– He thought Shownu practiced silence when he first met him ’cause he never saw hyên ổn talk– It gives hyên strength when the members say he’s handsome– When he was young he was obsessed with sun chips– He prefers soft peaches over hard ones– He mentioned Minhyuk was the thành viên who he got cthua kém khổng lồ the easiest– He gets the angriest when someone has no manners– Hyungwon said he usually listens to Adele before falling asleep.

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(vLive sầu – THE 5TH MINI ALBUM)– He is one of the main cast of a drama called “Please Find Her (KBS2-2017)” as Ik-Soo.– Hyungwon is known by their fans as the “King Of Visual Compliments” because his visuals always gets praised every time they appear on shows, radio broadcasts, etc.– He speaks Chinese.– On their appearance on Weekly Idol (ep. 297), Hyungdon & Defconn (Doni & Koni) thought that Hyungwon was Chinese. Hyungwon said yes and fooled the hosts of the show. Doni và Koni were fooled by Hyungwon’s acting và said that he is a good actor that he convinced them that he was Chinese.– In the old dorm he used to giới thiệu a room with Wonho & Shownu.– Update: In the new dorm, he shares a room with Shownu & Jooheon.– Wonho picked Hyungwon as the one to whom he would exchange bodies with so that he will not have sầu problems on clothes.– Hyungwon is known for his Praying Mantis Dance.– Hyungwon is the weakest member because every time he wakes up he coughs, as revealed by the members.– He can make his veins in the arms move sầu lượt thích waves. (Weekly Idol ep. 297)– Hyungwon và his family lived in Wiesbaden, Germany for three months.– Hyungwon is also a DJ và he is known as DJ H.One.– He will collaborate with Hongbin of VIXX on the tuy vậy ‘Cool Love’.– Hyungwon’s ikhuyến mãi type: “A woman who is wise and kind.”

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He"s my ultimate bias He"s my bias in Monsta X He"s aao ước my favorite members in Monsta X, but not my bias He is ok He is among mỏi my least favorite members in Monsta X

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