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7 years of love, 5 years of marriage, but couples with up to lớn three quarters of time were messed up to be cold và cut.

According lớn Đài Loan Trung Quốc, on the evening of December 22, actress Duong Mien & Hong Kong actor Luu Knhị Uy included Gia Hanh company – the media-controlled entity to lớn confirm the separation procedure was completed. .

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The couple got together when filming a movie and began dating since 2011

In early 2012, the couple were taken over, officially weibo went public. The stars often appear to lớn be amusing together, dramatic & giving many compliments & gestures lớn each other.

Both appear often together and have sầu many gestures of importance & intimacy

Duong Mich và Luu Khai You were chosen as one of Cbiz's finest pairs, when it was the complete collection of elements: beauty, talent và wealth.

After nearly 3 years of that, in 2014, the couple organized a very romantic marriage in Bali Isl& (Indonesia), officially sharing a house.


Marriage was held in January 1.2014 in Bali Island

After the birth of Glutinous Rice's daughter in June 2014, Duong Quy returned khổng lồ showbiz and was always busy with a busy movie plan, however, Uy và Mich often met together with each other.

On special occasions such as wedding anniversary, Valentine, anniversary, … Luu Knhì Uy and Duong Always greet the opponent with images of the happiness of the couple.

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At the over of 2015, Cbiz began khổng lồ worry about the few Luu Knhị Uy & Duong Miches crawling emotionally, but the couple refused it & almost at the event và # 39; a gọi khổng lồ hotline.

Yang has taken a picture of a couple & a daughter khổng lồ refute the rumor of a rift

The pope and the couple, however, are less và less interactive sầu on social networks, Luu Knhì Uy himself does that Duong works with a lot of work that the couple has little time for each other.

Luu Knhị Uy is involved in rumors of dating with actress Vuong Au

Shortly thereafter, in October năm nhâm thìn, Luu Knhì Uy was admitted khổng lồ & # 39; a nineteenth moment in và # 39; Build a room from the Queen và stay in và # 39; a room for 3-4 hours khổng lồ "study script".

The reporter immediately went lớn Duong Mich lớn confirm the information, confirming: "What is happening, I respect Knhị Uy và # 39; s decision", then wyibo post their trust in her husbvà. me

However, the pair's divorces were never recorded, Duong Mich was criticized for having many movements with other actors such as Ly Dich Phong and Hoang Hien as "loyal girls".

Yang Mich is critical of promoting many kind gestures with other actors

Hi Dan was condemned as a responsible mother, then she's her daughter's family to lớn her family of và # 39; family a man tried to look bachồng, and a few 8 hours baông chồng lớn Hong Kong and then the film went baông xã, just a new year. Don't go back lớn Tet with my daughter và my family

The marriage & anniversary of the couple this year both of them have sầu no static action on we who make the fans wonder. Both Luu Khai Uy and Duong chose Keilens Silen, Duong Mich was busy with a busy film schedule, Luu Knhì Uy made his father take his daughter to school every day.

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Before the information report care, many fans were surprised và regressed for a talented couple. In và # 39; the và # 39; The media representatives wanted the couple lớn make their decision, so that the family has its own space, to lớn protect their daughter và relationships peacefully.

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