The third & final Bauhaus director was one of the world"s best-known architects. As we continue our Bauhaus 100 series, celebrating 100 years of the hugely influential school, we profile the modernism pioneer,Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

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Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, simply Mies to the entire world of thiết kế, is one of architecture"s most towering figures. Whether it is his gnomic statements – "less is more" và "God is in the details" – or the iconic Barcelomãng cầu Pavilion or equally iconic Barcelona Chair, his presence borders on the mythic.

As William JR Curtis has put it, he is "one of those architects who refuses to lớn go away."

Mies better known for buildings than he is the Bauhaus

Mies is perhaps now best known for his American skyscrapers such as the Lake Shore Drive sầu towers, Seagram or IBM Plaza – designs that have sầu seen him shoulder the blame for any dull glass tower since. Yet the gestation for these works, and his shift from more classical designs to modernism, all took place in pre-war Germany.

Likewise, while he is remembered as an educator for his time as head of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), less frequently discussed are the few years he spent at the helm of an incredibly beleaguered Bauhaus.


Mies used his own money to lớn rent a derelict factory in Berlin that would serve sầu as a short-lived third home page for the school, during its lesser-known year in the German capital. Students worked to lớn rehabilitate this factory, and for almost a year worked undisturbed, until the Gestapo raided the school, suspecting it of producing anti-Nazi propagandomain authority.

Mies protested & eventually the school was allowed to reopen, provided certain teachers, including Kandinsky, were replaced with individuals who would better tư vấn Nazi principles. Mies and the other staff members deemed it better lớn voluntarily cthua trận the school themselves.

Mies" skyscraper designs would phối the tone for North American corporate architecture for decades. Pholớn is byAlexpankratz

Between the Bauhaus" final closure và Mies" emigration khổng lồ the United States, he built very little. Like Gropius, he entered the 1933 Reichsngân hàng competition, but otherwise seemed determined khổng lồ wait out the Nazis, drawings criticism from former Bauhaus colleagues who had left the country with far more haste. Reluctantly, in 1937, he moved lớn America.

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In the United States, post-Depression, Mies found plenty of corporate clients willing to realise ideas that had seemed impossible in Germany – Modern Architecture: International Exhibition at New York"s Museum of Modern Art in 1932 had already made Mies" name known.

He redesigned and taught at the IIC from 1938 to lớn 58, and would become an American citizen in 1944, defining, for better or worse, what would become the accepted mode of building cultural, educational & corporate architecture for decades.

*"s Bauhaus 100 series explores the enduring influence of the school

The Bauhausis the most influential art and kiến thiết school in history. To markthe centenary of the school"s founding, we"ve sầu created a series of articles exploring the school"s key figures & projects.

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