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Songgăng & Rapper in Love sầu, Lady Jane và Simon D

Lady Jane & Simon Dominic are definitely not strange names if you have been a tín đồ of Korean music, especially Korean hip-hop và R&B music in the later 2000s và early 2010s. Simon Dominic is famous as a thành viên of the rap và hip-hop duo, Supreme Team, that has defined the Korean hip-hop landscape since the late-2000s. With hits, such as “Dang Dang Dang” and “Super Magic,” the influence he has gotten from the underground scene, as he was active sầu as an underground rapper beforeh&, was quite evident.

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Similarly, Lady Jane started out as a singer in an indie b&, where she earned the nickname Hongdae’s Goddess, as the bvà often busked around the Hongik University area. The spot is very famous for buskers, but Lady Jane definitely mix herself apart & decided khổng lồ take a different route in 2009, parting with her initial band. Sadly, at the time, her name gained popularity not due khổng lồ the fact that she has an astounding talent for singing, but due khổng lồ her relationship with the then notorious rapper, Sitháng Dominic.

Their love sầu story was indeed not lượt thích anything coming out of a thắm thiết comedy, with twists and turns that definitely surprised both the fans & the public. Their relationship was famous for being one of the only couples in the limelight at the time, with very incriminating evidence khổng lồ match, such as pictures of their dates & PDA at a friend’s buổi tiệc nhỏ. They were also quite open to questions regarding their relationship, even after they, unfortunately, broke up. So, are you curious as khổng lồ how the two got together? Or the troubles they faced while dating? Or maybe the reason they broke up? Let’s take a closer look at Lady Jane and Sitháng Dominic’s relationship!

Lady Jane and Simon Dominic’s Relationship

They started dating in 2007, before the success of the supreme team while he was still an underground rapper. Sitháng Dominic really risked a lot when he became a rapper, as he traveled from Busan to lớn Seoul with no money except to cover the costs of his travel. In Seoul, he often stayed at a friends house and could not afford to lớn buy food. This is when his chance meeting with Lady Jane happened, as she befriended hyên ổn and often bought him food in times of need. The two then got cđại bại after spending a lot of time in each other’s company while having a meal.


They got together while they were watching a movie và Lady Jane thought about what it would be like khổng lồ have a boyfriend like how it is currently, watching a movie with Sitháng Dominic. She suddenly thought of Sitháng Dominic as a perfect boyfriover at that moment, & when she voiced out her thoughts lớn hyên, he was not opposed lớn it so they started dating. As time went by, Simon Dominic started promoting with rapper E-Sens under the moniker of Supreme Team và started hitting big as they were picked up by the label, Amoeba Culture, known for artists like Primary và Dynamic Duo.


Supreme Team rose lớn fame with the hit songs, such as “Dang Dang Dang,” which became a crowd anthem. This led lớn Sitháng Dominic slowly entering the mainstream music scene và getting more attention và acknowledgment by the public. Not only that but along with the increased fame invites to Korea’s hit variety shows and award shows came along, winning a few of the most prestigious awards while at it. When he was starring in variety shows, he was not shy about his relationship with Lady Jane, slowly helping her to increase her fame. This, though, did not lead lớn a positive sầu outcome.

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Signs of trouble started to lớn show as Lady Jane’s career was overshadowed by the title of being Simon Dominic’s girlfrikết thúc. The title helped her earn some more featuring gigs in other artists’ releases and variety show appearances but none that really recognized her for her talent. This led to the disappointing kết thúc of Lady Jane’s music career but was shortly after remedied as she was cast as a Radio DJ on one of Korea’s biggest broadcasting networks. Their relationship was okay for a while more, as the two became one of the most iconic couples in the Korean entertainment industry.


As the two were dating for 6 years, in 2013, news reports came out that Lady Jane và Sitháng Dominic had broken up. These, followed the break up of Supreme Team as E-Sens was brought inkhổng lồ custody after suspicions regarding the use of marijuamãng cầu a year before and after a few months promoting with new songs, E-Sens decided khổng lồ terminate his contract with the label, leaving Sitháng Dominic alone. The news shocked most fans & members of the public as the two were known khổng lồ have a very harmonious relationship.

As they have gone through a lot in their relationship, the public just couldn’t seem to figure out the reason behind their break up. The two were not known as the jealous type, as Lady Jane has dealt with her fair nói qua of Sitháng Dominic’s fangirls. There also has not been talked about them having broken up when looking through their social media profiles and such outlets. So why did they break up? The two revealed the reason for their breakup on several variety show appearances saying that it was due khổng lồ their different takes on marriage. They do not have sầu any bad blood between them & are still very good friends.

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Their Relationship Now

At first, the public was very confused and unsure as lớn how khổng lồ respond to lớn their break up as it seemed very sudden và looked lượt thích it didn’t over well between the two. But in one of the variety show appearances that Sitháng Dominic did, MBC’s Radio star, he showed that he is still very close with Lady Jane & they are still good friends. The show is known khổng lồ ask very straightforward questions regarding scandals or issues that involve sầu the guest, thus, it is khổng lồ no one’s surprise that they went straight and asked him about his very public break up of a very public relationship. He explained his side of the story, of their views just not matching up & even called Lady Jane to lớn show they are still good friends. Not only that, he went on khổng lồ comment about others having public relationships in another episode.

So what do you think about Lady Jane’s và Simon Dominic’s relationship? Comment your thoughts in the section below!

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