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Wait!Sake brewery and skincare haul all at the same time?Yep. Totally possible if you live in Japan.Sake based skincare has been around for a long time, even since before SK-II patented their Pitera.And in recent years there has been a virtual explosion of sake-inspired, sake-infused, sake-blended, và sake-based cosmetics. At least in Japan.Why? Because sake is virtually everywhere here, sake by-products are full of vitamins & anti-ageing compounds, và fermented products are probably one of the oldest beauty treatments known to man.

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Kuramokhổng lồ Bijin rice oil và sake serum (the red one) has been my friover since last year. I loved it so much that I began to lớn spread the joy to my friends in foreign lands.A few weeks ago I was finally getting ready to lớn write about it (& as always, the đánh giá is still pending) & had the mother of all eureka moments.

Tonoike Sake Brewerythat makes the product is literally down the street from my house. It"s located inMashiko in Tochigi prefecture.A quichồng look at the company"s trang web revealed that the brewery is very visitor friendly.You didn"t have sầu to lớn tell me that twice.And so last Monday I hopped in the oto and zoomed over to lớn Mashiko.Mashiko is famous in its own right - it"s one of the main pottery centers in nhật bản. It holds two pottery festivals a year & if you"re inkhổng lồ expensive tableware và pretty things, you should definitely consider visiting.

I don"t drink alcohol. I dip my tongue in sake only during official ceremonies when it absolutely, positively can"t be avoided. I am no sake expert. I only know what wikipedia tells me.But what I vày know is thatsake kasu (a.k.a. sake lees) makes for a wonderful face pack.With that in mind, I had no idea what I could expect during my visit khổng lồ Tonoike Shuzouten in Mashiko.

As it turned out, I worried needlessly. A visit to lớn a sake brewery is great fun even for a non-drinker & a sake noob lượt thích me.

I was met by Mr Shigeki Tonoike, the trùm himself, who kindly volunteered to be my guide.The Tonoike family has been making sake in Tochigi prefecture since 1829 và the brewery in Mashiko was established by Mr Tonoike"s (the current boss"s) grandfather in 1937.And apparently, as evidenced by numerous domestic và international sake competition awards, the Tonoike family really knows their stuff.
My tour started with a Clip explaining the sake making process.After that I donned special slippers, a White smochồng & a hat and went to lớn see the fermenting rice up cthất bại và personal.
What makes sake special is how the rice is polished. The more of the outer layer you remove sầu, the fancier the sake later on.

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When polished and washed, the grains don"t look like rice anymore. They resemble tiny white pearls. And are just as shiny.
Actually Tonoike Shuzouten doesn"t manufacture beauty products in-house. Instead they sover their raw materials khổng lồ proper, licensed plants that vì the work for them. They also work with cosmetic chemists & scientists to make sure that their products are up lớn the highest standards.
Mr Tonoike explained that the cosmetic side of things started 10 years ago with soap.Sake bottles are heavy, and while they make great gifts và souvenirs, they are big & hard to lớn transport. And not everyone is a drinker.Sake based soap seemed lượt thích a perfect solution. It was small, light và something that everyone uses.Then came sake-infused h& cream. And let me tell you, it really does smell like sake. If you"re a drinker you might kết thúc up licking your hands. A lot.But what about those who are not fans of the sake smell?
The answer was very simple - tochiotome strawberries - Tochigi"s most famous crop.And that"s how the strawberry infused cream was born. And let me tell you, it really does smell like strawberries. I wanted to lick my hands. A lot.
Then came sake & strawberry infused bath salts. If you ever wanted lớn bathe in a sake smelling soup, this one"s for you. I used lớn plop a chunk of sake kasu into lớn my hot bath, now I can use proper bath salts. Saves a lot of work when scrubbing the bathtub later on.Kuramolớn Bijin Hakumai Ferment Lotion was new to lớn me. I can"t wait to lớn try it.
I am on my second bottle và it has become my winter dry skin savior.Ratzilla also wrote about Kuramoto lớn Bijin Komeyu Rice Oil.
I have sầu been using it on my eczema patches & works better than any other facial oil I have tried. Eat your heart out tsubaki!The three rice grain ladies (yep, they are shaped like rice) signify women in their 20s, 30s & 40s. In other words - Kuramolớn Bijin Komeyu is skincare for everyone.

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Tonoike Sake Brewery is working on additional beauty products - face cream, sheet masks and a face paông xã (which means no more vày it yourself sake kasu!). A premium line is also in the works.And the best news is that the company is working on an English-language mạng internet store with worldwide shipping. How awesome is that?
Many Japanese companies are totally oblivious khổng lồ the popularity of Japanese skincare overseas, they don"t care và can"t be bothered.So it was so refreshing và inspiring to lớn see a Japanese company that understands the importance of making life easy for its foreign customers.HAUL TIME!!! This is my entire Tonoike Shuzouten Kuramolớn Bijin haul.
I seem to have sầu missed the strawberry body lotion, but that"s ok. I have an excuse lớn visit again!Thank you so much Mr Tonoike và Ms Salớn for making me feel so welcome!
Isn"t it awesome lớn realize that your favorite skincare brvà was born literally in your own back yard?I will be reviewing the products in the coming weeks. So stay tuned. Because a Kuramoto Bijin giveaway is coming too. I hauled lots & I"m happy khổng lồ share!UPDATE:
If you"re interested in any of these products, but can"t purchase them easily online (I know they can be hard lớn find!), please let me know. I"ll be happy to help. Because, hey, Tochigi pride! Represent! :-)

Narobilas ngươi ochoty, zazdroszcze, ze masz je pod nosem ;))) Chetnie wyprobowalabym lotion i milk, tochiotome kremik vày rak tez ngươi sie usmiephụ vương, wiec czekam az sklep otworza. Daj znac jak bedziesz cos wiedziec :).Musze sie zaopatrzyc niedlugo w jakis lotion i mleczko, bo A-true mãng cầu wykonczeniu i zaczne Otomehadomain authority. Ciekawe czy jest wydajny, Diorsnow mãng cầu rok mi starczyl i uwielbiam. Przemawiaja vày mnie te sake kosmetyki, i cenowo wydaja sie rozsadni, wiec mãng cầu pewno warto lớn wyprobowac. Pozdrawiam

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