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All Venues Melbourne và Olympic Parks Rod Laver Arena AAXiaoMi MI Park Hisense Aremãng cầu Melbourne Park Function Centre Margaret Court Aremãng cầu Melbourne Arena

Saturday 28thBox Office: 8:30amOuter Doors: 9:30amInner Doors: 10:00amIWCA show: 11:00amEvent Concludes Approx. 10:30pm

Sunday 29thBox Office: 9:30amOuter Doors: 10:30amInner Doors: 11:00amIWCA show: 12:00pmEvent Concludes Approx. 10:30pm

For the first time in history, international League of Legends vinaexpress.com.vnpetition is vinaexpress.com.vning to Oceanic soil in the khung of the 2015 International Wildcard All-Stars.

Teams from Brazil, CIS, Japan, Latin America, Oceania, Southeast Asia and Turkey will be duking it out at the Margaret Court Arena over two days. But there"s more than just bragging rights on the line - the winning team will earn a spot at the năm ngoái All-Star Event in Los Angeles.

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On top of being able lớn watch esports history unfold live sầu, all ticket holders will take home page an All-Stars show bag. Tickets for the OPL Final at Lumãng cầu Park sold out very soon after going on sale - don"t miss your chance to watch the All-Stars action live sầu in Melbourne this November.

Your All-Star representatives have been decided! Over 35,000 votes were submitted, & five sầu players have sầu vinaexpress.com.vne out on top lớn fight for international glory. Meet the năm ngoái Oceanic All-Star team:

Tae-hyung ‘Ryoo’ RyooTeam: Free AgentPosition: Top Lane

Although he only began his League of Legends career this year, Ryoo is no stranger to high-stakes tournaments like IWCA. A StarCraft 2 KSL champion, Ryoo’s natural talent and work ethic saw hyên rise up the ranks to lớn quickly bevinaexpress.com.vne one of Oceania’s most respected top laners. Ryoo has spent the last few months growing inkhổng lồ his new role as a carry top laner - All-Stars will be an opportunity to lớn demo his mettle.

Tlặng ‘Carbon’ WendelTeam: Legacy eSportsPosition: Jungle

Carbon is a veteran of the international stage, having captained Legacy khổng lồ a second-place finish at the năm trước International Wildcard Tournament. As a Melbourne local, he’ll be looking to vì his hometown proud against the toughest players the Wildcard circuit has lớn offer. Carbon is a jungler who takes it upon himself lớn carry his team through the early game - watch for his repeat ganks và disciplined vision game.

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Aaron ‘ChuChuZ’ BlandTeam: Legacy eSportsPosition: Mid Lane

Last time he played on the Wildthẻ stage, ChuChuZ had to put his HSC exams on hold. He went on to smash them anyway, even picking up a scholarship while he was at it. In contrast to lớn his teammate Carbon, ChuChuZ is very much a volatile player, capable of carrying games with or without his team’s cooperation. One way or another, he’ll be making an impact at All-Stars.

Derek ‘Raydere’ TrangTeam: Chiefs eSports ClubPosition: AD Carry

Raydere may well be a household name in Oceania by now, but unlượt thích most veteran players, he only seems khổng lồ get better with age. Whether it’s League of Legends, poker, or his law degree, Raydere has stuck true to lớn his beliefs for the last four years - good methods mean good results. The only thing missing in his career is an international win, & All-Stars might be the place for it to happen.

Bryce ‘EGym’ PauleTeam: Chiefs eSports ClubPosition: Support

If there’s one Oceanic player who consistently shows up on the world stage, it’s EGym. In the two Wildthẻ events he’s attended, EGym has pulled plays out of thin air to net Oceania victory after victory. All-Stars will see hyên reunited with former Legacy teammates Carbon and ChuChuZ - with new bot lane partner Raydere in the mix, look for EGym lớn be the x-factor in Oceania’s play.

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Mitchell ‘Destiny’ ShawTeam: Avant GardePosition: Support

Destiny fills out the All-Star roster as the sixth man, grabbing the attention of voters after producing a veritable highlight reel of plays in Split 2. Similarly lớn All-Star teammate Ryoo, Destiny’s mechanical prowess is a sản phẩm of his previous vinaexpress.com.vnpetitive sầu experience in Team Fortress 2. With a skill ceiling rivalling that of EGym, Destiny is sure khổng lồ make a splash if he gets the chance.