Hola Beauties…I am pretty sure that by now everytoàn thân has heard of this brand named “Innisfree”. Now they have sầu opened up their stores in malls etc, so this br& has gained a huge popularity. Also, they have a promotional offer going on each week on new products. When I went this time khổng lồ the store, they had this scheme on the facewash which I have reviewed for you guys below. It was buy 1 and get 1 không tính tiền. Wohoo ! So as usual without thinking much, I got it trang chủ Cheông chồng out the Đánh Giá for more details.

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Price– Rs 600 for 150ML.

Claims:Enriched with Green Tea và Green complex from pure jeju island, Green Tea Pure revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture.


This mild cleansing foam cleanser contained with Jeju eco-friendly green tea moisturizing, antioxidant ingredients và kaolin washes off not only makeup residue but also soft facial hair impurities with its refined và foamy lather as it helps create a fresh and clean skin.*kaolin is a clay that has been used in cosmetics.



It comes in a tube packaging which is soft to touch. It has a flip-open cap & is grass green in color. It has a stamp saying 88% natural origin ingredients. Its travel-friendly and won’t leak at all. It’s a good form size bottle which will last quite a while.


My take on Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam:

Best part about this is..”it has about 88% natural origin ingredients” which makes it super safe to use. It is không lấy phí of chemicals too. I’m a bit partial lớn most things that contain the word green tea in it. Green tea has become a necessity these days. Without consuming a cup or two our day is incomplete. It is full of antioxidants và same goes with the facewash. It has a lot of plant extracts working as antioxidants. It is a rich foaming cleanser with Jeju green tea that cleanses gently and retains skin’s natural moisture nội dung.

I feel its just a basic cleanser. The product doesn’t produce much of a lather compared to some other cleansing foams.It does control the oil on the face and cleanses the dust. It doesn’t irritate my skin and works well in its basic functions. But other than that, it does not really bởi much for my skin. There is no overall improvement, my skin doesn’t feel fresher or cleaner than usual.

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The consistency is medium. With a bit of water, the cleansing foam lathers up a bit but not too much. It’s more like a milky texture. It doesn’t feel lượt thích it’s drying nor does my skin feel lượt thích it’s very squeaky clean. It just feels clean, supple, and fresh. It only claimed to give sầu moisture for stressed skin – which it does.

Although the green tea scent is artificial và svào, it smells really fresh và refreshing.Most products contain artificial fragrance, the scent is not natural at all which is bothersome.Some say it’s great for oily skin & perhaps therein lies my problem- I have quite dry skin. It claims that it’s suitable for all skin types but I’m not too sure about it.


Pros of Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam:

•Luckily Inniskhông tính tiền gives out samples which you can use for a while & actually chạy thử properly và see if it suits you.•Good for just basic cleanser if sometoàn thân doesn’t has any specific skin problem.•Makes my skin feel fresh và clean.•The scent is awakening & strong.• It cleans without stripping the moisture off skin.• It has a lot of plant extracts working as antioxidants.•Made from 88% natural origin ingredients.•Packaging is quite nice & tube is soft lớn use.•Consistency is cream lượt thích super soft.

Cons of Innismiễn phí Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam:

•Doesn’t vày anything to prevent pimples so clearly – people with targeted problems can’t use it.•Scent is too artificial and strong. Moreover, it’s an added fragrance. They should have left it natural.•Doesn’t lather much.•Doesn’t give a squeaky clean feeling.•Not suitable for all skin types, especially not for dry skin.

IMBB Rating- 3/5

Repurchase– No ! This Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam is okay, but nothing too exciting, and it does nothing special that any cheaper cleansing hàng hóa can’t. So I will not re-purchase this.

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Recommendation– I would say you can skip this one. If you have no specific skin concerns and all you need is just a basic facial cleanser, only then, it is good lớn go for.

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