ID Cooling"s SE-214L Snow Edition CPU cooler looks the goods and isn"t loud, but can it tame our processor? Let"s see.

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Since we have not had much luông xã using ID Cooling sealed liquid coolers, maybe it is time khổng lồ switch gears và see what sort of love sầu an air cooler built by them has to offer. We have sầu seen only two air coolers from ID Cooling thus far, & both of them were on previous kiểm tra systems. It was while looking through the previous coolers that we realized we had in fact tested this cooler in its original iteration, but that was way baông xã in năm ngoái. In reviewing the original cooler, we see that this latest incarnation is not just a painted refresh; there is more than that to be had.

The SE-214X that we saw a couple of years ago was a single tower cooler, where the aluminum & copper were left in their natural state. The SE-214X also sported a lower section reduction khổng lồ the fin stachồng. This was not to make clearance for anything, in particular, it seemed like more of an aesthetic choice. The original cooler also came with a blaông xã và red tín đồ, but none of these things are present in the lademo version. What we have sầu today is not just White, fitting khổng lồ the Snow Edition naming, but the fin surface area has been increased, and a whole new fan comes along for the ride as well.

ID Cooling has sent along the SE-214L Snow Edition One of three of the SE-214L coolers, to get our opinion on today. The SE-214L is a direct touch cooler & is still made with copper và aluminum, but the entire cooler is coated with trắng paint from tip to tail. What is most impressive about this design, is that ID Cooling has found a way to cleanly add a 130mm bạn lớn a 120mm tower cooler, which means the bạn will cover more of the fins, which should, in turn, deliver improved performance. On paper, everything about the SE-214L Snow Edition cooler appears lớn be on point, but let"s get down lớn the nitty-gritty, và see just what ID Cooling is offering us this time.

ID Cooling was sure to make the SE-214L compatible with just about any processor being used today. For Intel users, LGA 2011(V3), 115X, and 1366 sockets are all covered. As far as AMD is concerned, this cooler will fit anything since & including AM2, và with a 150W TDPhường, it should cover the spectrum of what all of those processors deliver. The SE-214L is 129milimet from side to lớn side, it is 80milimet thiông xã from front khổng lồ back, & it stands 160mm tall. Rather than using 6mm or 8milimet diameter heat pipes, the SE-214L opts for four 7milimet diameter pipes khổng lồ transfer heat away from the CPU. All told, with the tín đồ included, the SE-214L Snow Edition weighs in at 690 grams.

The tín đồ that comes with the tower is the ID-13025M12S, with a 4-pin plug for connectivity and PWM control. The frame of this fan is White, angled, và sports clear blades which help lớn reflect and project the blueish-White LED lighting. The 130milimet fan will spin in a range of 500 khổng lồ 1800 RPM, delivering 69.5 CFM of airflow, và 1.82 mmH2O of static pressure. The bạn is rated at a maximum noise level of 30.6 dB(A) while drawing only 0.25A at 3W. There is not a lifetime rating offered, but we are shown that the hub of the bạn spins on a hydraulic bearing.

Usually, we are sent some pricing information, or we can find something on the mạng internet which will give sầu us at least an approximation on pricing, but as of yet, this information is not available. We have sầu seen many news posts on these new coolers, & ID Cooling presents this cooler on their site. However, we are left in the dark here. If we had to take a guess, based on other coolers they have sầu sent, we would hazard a guess khổng lồ say that this cooler would be in the $29 lớn $39 range. However, this is only a guess based on what other SE-214 coolers have sầu sold for in the past, accounting for the added materials and attractiveness of the SE-214L Snow Edition over the plainer versions.


The packaging of the SE-214L Snow Edition attracts the eye, with not only the image of the white CPU cooler & snowflake but also by using the bright orange accents. While we are unsure at this point as to lớn how much of a difference this idea will make, we are left with little lớn guess about as to the appearance of the cooler inside of this box.

The right side of the box offers the company name, biểu tượng logo & motlớn at the top, which is then followed by a rendering of the front view of the cooler below it. Just above the orange section at the bottom, we see the TDP rating along with all of the sockets this cooler will work with.

Specifications are shown on the bachồng but done by listing the parts of the cooler being discussed in three languages first, then showing the numbers và values to the right. This is repeated so that ID Cooling delivers this message in nine languages in total.

The last of the outer panels is mostly black, with small indications of features listed down the right side of it. Once past the danh mục of eight key features, the orange section is used to lớn display information about ID Cooling, lượt thích social truyền thông media pages, site addresses, and even the phone number.

Inside of the box, the tower is found lớn rest upon a very dense foam, which has been cut out khổng lồ accept the base of the cooler snugly. There is another dense foam pad used on top of the cooler, which keeps the hardware and the manual away from it. The box did take on some damage, và we found that the fins were only slightly bent. While not in perfect condition, we do not feel the damage will reduce the potential cooling efficiency of this product.

ID Cooling SE-214L Snow Edition CPU Cooler

Staring the White 130mm người dead in the face, we find that the larger fan does indeed cover more of the fin areas, as was expected. We can also see that the four heat pipes are not all in line with each other, as every other pipe is offset from the one before it.

The side of the SE-214L SE points out a few worthy mentionable things. First would be the shape of the người frame. While the front is 130milimet, as it gets closer khổng lồ the fins, the frame is reduced lớn 120mm in kích cỡ. The fin stachồng is evenly supported between the fifty fins with the tabs bent over on this edge, và we also see some slight damage lớn the fins in the lower-right corner of the fin stack.

The leading and trailing edges of the cooler are identical, where the fins are not cut straight, khổng lồ begin with. To help further disturbing of the air, và creating offsets khổng lồ build pressure, there are eight V-shaped sections of fins, four along the top section, và four evenly spaced one in the lower half.

While the view of the other side of the cooler was virtually as Vertical as can be, the view here is slightly different. With the base of the cooler level khổng lồ the table, the left side of the cooler has a bit of a curve khổng lồ it. Also, something we left out from the other side is that the tín đồ is attached with wire người clips that lock into a groove on the side of the fins.

The view of the top of the cooler is a flat White aluminum fin, where the eight heat pipe tips protrude past them, which is also painted trắng. Some of the tips were abraded in transit, even with the dense foam in place, & some of the paint has been removed. We can also see the shape of the edges of the cooler are not flat but cut inward to lớn help with pressure building và better flow through the tower.

Holding onkhổng lồ the four heat pipes is this aluminum pre-cooler which has also been painted lớn match. While the grooves & fins will let some of the heat out of the cooler, this base is made so that mounting hardware can be applied khổng lồ it mainly.

Fresh out of the box, there was a protective sticker in place, which we have sầu removed. Under that sticker, we find heat pipes which have sầu been machined at the same time as the aluminum base. Gaps in the liên hệ area are minimal, with no signs of TIM oozing out, và the surface is flat across the entire bottom of the SE-213L SE.

Accessories and Documentation

When it comes lớn AMD sockets, the pair of brackets to the left is what you want to lớn use. The universal backplate is in the middle, and to the right are the Hãng sản xuất Intel brackets which mount khổng lồ the base of the cooler. You may notice, things look similar to many other of the ID Cooling hardware kits, because it is the same.

The SE-214L SE comes with a second pair of bạn clips, just in case you wish to add a second tín đồ. The bag on the left has the four screws lớn mount the brackets khổng lồ the base of the cooler, while the second bag has the all-thread, standoffs, washers, knurled nuts, và the LGA2011 bits. At the bottom is a small tube of thermal paste, so you are phối if you bởi not already have sầu some.

The blachồng rubber pads in the corners are easy khổng lồ see on the white frame và isolate this người from the cooler. The front also has these pads, but they are White on that side. The ID-13025M12S tín đồ has nine clear blades, và we can see the 4-pin PWM người lead to lớn the right of it.

The manual for this cooler is brief but is still able to get you through the process for both AMD & Hãng sản xuất Intel mounts. We can see it starts off with a parts các mục, và after it are good renderings và well-worded explanations to lớn get any màn chơi of PC user through the installation process.

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Sad khổng lồ say, but the SE-214L SE comes with the same all-thread rods that are pressed through the baông chồng plate, but vày not loông chồng inlớn place. Once they are in, you ensure the socket screws line up correctly to lớn the back plate, and slide the threads through the mounting holes on the motherboard.

You are then shown to lớn flip over the motherboard, place a paper washer on each post, & then lochồng them down khổng lồ the motherboard with the spacers. At this point, we are nearly ready khổng lồ place the cooler onto lớn the CPU.

Before we place the cooler onto lớn the motherboard, we had to grab the Hãng Intel Brackets and screw them onto lớn the base of the cooler. While the instructions are a bit vague in this step, you know you have these on correctly if the numbers can be seen on either side of the pipes from the bottom of the cooler.

With such a large fan, it makes the cooler appear much bigger than it is. The bạn is nearly as wide as the RAM, and is taller than the cooler, as we cannot see any of the pipe tips over the top edge of the bạn.

We like that ID Cooling was sure to lớn stay clear of the memory. This means that the tín đồ can be placed evenly on the fins, & not have sầu khổng lồ be shifted up, lessening the airflow through the fins, and increasing the overall height.

As we step back quite a bit from the last image, we find the SE-214L SE khổng lồ have sầu all the room it needs around it. We cleared the motherboard heat sinks with ease, và even if we were to add a second người, access lớn the 8-pin connection is not blocked, nor would memory if this were an LGA2011 motherboard.

Looking at the cooler against the vast blackness of the motherboard, that trắng really pops. We vày not mind the aesthetics from this angle, but we vày feel that ID Cooling missed an opportunity khổng lồ place their logo at the top of the tower.

Test System Setup, Thermal Tests, and Noise Results

Chad"s CPU Cooler Test System Specifications

Software: RealTemp 3.70, AIDA64 Engineer 5.75.3900, và CPU-z 1.77.0 x64

To see our testing methodology và khổng lồ find out what goes inkhổng lồ making our charts, please refer to our CPU Cooler Testing and Methodology article (October 2016) for more information.

Thermal Results

63.5-degrees is quite a ways away from the throttle point of our CPU, but we did have higher expectations for the SE-214L SE cooler. While it does considerably better than the Icekimo 1trăng tròn, it has a long menu of better performing coolers ahead of it.

Still allowing for PWM control of the người, when the overclochồng was applied, the SE-214L SE does not make much headroom towards the top of the chart. To be blunt, 81 degrees from a CPU cooler of this size is almost unacceptable, but at least it did not fail.

The PWM người curve is so efficient with the way in which it cools this tower, which even adding 400 RPM khổng lồ the fans tốc độ, we only gained half of a degree in performance.

Noise Level Results

26 dB is low on this chart, và while not the best of the bunch, at the 1140 RPM we saw in the first thermal demo, it is nearly unperceivable khổng lồ the user from a two lớn three-foot distance.

Even with the overclochồng applied, the PWN tín đồ curve sầu took the fan to lớn 1500 RPM, & noise is still rather low. 31 dB is just breaking inlớn the audible range a couple of feet from the cooler, but still well within a tolerable cấp độ.

Since pushing the người lớn 1900 RPM offers very little performance gains, we feel that no one should need lớn force 12V through the người. Considering the noise levels jump khổng lồ 45 dB doing this, why giảm giá khuyến mãi with all of that noise pollution for little to lớn no perceivable gains in temperature.

Final Thoughts

The ID Cooling SE-214L series of three coolers seem khổng lồ deliver what is needed most. We bởi like the Snow Edition and the fact that every bit of it, excluding the hardware, is trắng. We lượt thích that ID Cooling went with a slightly bigger tín đồ, a 130milimet tín đồ in fact, và we also like the LED lighting offered in it. The fins are kept in alignment with tabs on the side, the heat pipes alternate position to aid in heat removal, and we also were digging the shape of the leading & trailing fin edges, all of which should have us singing praises of the performance of such a design. Sadly though, this seems to lớn be one of those designs that are much better on paper than in reality.

We are happy to lớn say that the SE-214L SE is capable of handling our 95W processor, but the reality is, if you have sầu a 150W processor, you will most likely throttle with this cooler. Our stochồng testing was decent, but adding the overclochồng & nearing 110 to 115W of power delivered khổng lồ the cooler was closer khổng lồ the throttle point than we would have liked to lớn have sầu seen. The noise levels under PWM control are tolerable, and we have sầu no complaints about that, we just wish that the SE214L SE had done a better job all around.

While we are not exact on a price figure, we can only guess that the previously released SE-214X with less lớn offer at $29.99 is a good starting point. We have sầu no qualms about the fact that this cooler should, & most likely will cost at least $10 more, but the level of performance for the dollar is not as high as we would have liked to lớn have sầu seen. While many of the coolers that beat this SE-214L Snow Edition cooler from ID Cooling, do in fact, cost quite a bit more money in some examples, we find us with a tough choice lớn make. Do we opt for the SE-214L SE & save sầu money but have little headroom, or vì we spkết thúc say $50 và get a single tower cooler which offers the same cấp độ of sound, but delivers much better performance.

For us, the answer is easy, but if you have lớn pinch pennies on a build, you want a Trắng cooler, & you vì not have a processor over 100W TDP, then, by all means, buy this CPU cooler from ID Cooling. For us, we will simply say we pass on this design.

The Bottom Line: The SE-214L Snow Edition is nice to lớn look at, the LED fan is a nice addition, and noise is kept at cất cánh. But it"s a shame that the performance isn"t better, nor do we feel a 150W processor is safe under this tower. Even if this cooler were just $20, we think we would still pass.

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