I"m looking forward to




If you mean both in the sense of anticipating something, both are equally valid. However "I look forward" is more formal; it"s the kind of thing you would write in an official letter.

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A typical example is the closing statement of a cover letter for a job application:

I look forward lớn hearing from you soon.

"I am looking forward" is less formal. You would rarely say to lớn a friend on the phone "I look forward to visiting you next week." You would say:

I"m looking forward to visiting you next week.

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I"m not sure why others here have suggested this is wrong. You wouldn"t say "I run towards the train station!", you"d say "I am running towards the train station!"

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answered Jan 26 "11 at 18:36
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Hmilimet, okay, a totally non-grammatical (probably, và thus very likely totally wrong) answer by an avowed non-grammarian (who nevertheless described & describes himself as a grammar-nazi at times):

"I"m looking forward to" means I"m doing it right now, this very instance, like in Elendil"s example of being on the phone with a friend; I disagree that it"s about formal vs non-formal, it"s due khổng lồ being on the phone with that frikết thúc in that moment, so of course you"d be looking forward to meeting said frikết thúc at that very moment.

"I look forward" means looking forward in a general sense; like, you"d not think about meeting your friend every second of the day, but the anticipation would be in the baông xã of your mind all the time.

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That"s my take, and I"m sticking to it. ;-)

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answered Jan 26 "11 at 18:46

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So 'I look forward lớn seeing you' means 'I occasionally look forward to lớn seeing you'? I have sầu never in normal conversation said 'I look forward' instead of 'I'm looking forward', apart from in the the sense of 'I look forward khổng lồ these occasions', & have sầu never heard anyone else say it either. I have said it in formal situations like business meetings, and read it many times in letters. –user3444 Jan 26 "11 at 19:52

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Look forward to is a phrasal verb that means to await eagerly. It can be used in any tense. Examples:

I look forward to meeting you tonight. He looks forward lớn graduating this year. We dare not cancel the trip to lớn Banff. The kids have been looking forward khổng lồ this for ages! Both were looking forward to lớn spending a wonderful evening together, but the weather cruelly disrupted their plans. I can"t believe they"re actually looking forward lớn vacationing with us for three weeks. This house is super boring! Even though he knew it would be difficult & unpleasant, he still looked forward to lớn having a heart-to-heart conversation with her.

The sentence

I"m looking forward

cannot be interpreted to mean eagerly awaiting, as it would have sầu to be followed by to_.

Thus, it can only mean one thing:

I am directing my gaze (or view) forward

where forward is an adverb. This usage, however, is not common in regular conversation, except in very few circumstances. Nevertheless, it is definitely acceptable to say:

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