Hp elitebook folio 9470m ultrabook review: this business ultrabook is one of the best looking and most comfortable units on the market, also among the most expensive


This business Ultrabook is one of the best looking and most comfortable units on the market, also aao ước the most expensive


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Bottom Line

HP"s EliteBook Folio 9470m is a well built, good looking and very comfortable khổng lồ use Ultrabook, and it"s also very fast. All of that good stuff comes at a high price that"s perhaps typical of machines aimed at high-kết thúc business users.

The HP EliteBook Folio 9470m Ultrabook has been around for a long while (we first previewed it last year), but this is the first time we"ve given it a thorough đánh giá & it"s been worth the wait. While Intel"s fourth generation CPUs are just be around the corner, leading many of you to wait until the second half of the year khổng lồ consider new business machine purchases, if you can find this 14in máy vi tính at a discounted price with a third generation Hãng Intel Core CPU, then you should definitely snap it up.

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Features and performance

The mã sản phẩm that we"re looking at here with a Chip Core i7 CPU may be one of the most expensive sầu Ultrabooks on the Australian market, but it"s also one of the nicest lớn use. Its keyboard is crisp và responsive, its screen has a matte finish, and the build chất lượng of the unit overall feels very solid. It"s a business machine, of course, and for this reason it comes with Windows 8 downgrade rights, which means it has Windows 7 Pro installed instead of the newer operating system that most people either sort of like or hate with a vengeance.

A chassis thickness of only 19milimet makes the Folio 9470m slyên ổn, but unlike so many Ultrabooks, it doesn"t compromise when it comes to lớn built-in features. You get Gigabit Ethernet, full-sized DisplayPort, VGA, an SD thẻ slot (the thẻ goes all the way in and doesn"t stiông chồng out) & three USB 3.0 ports along the left & right edges of the base. All these built-ins don"t add much to the weight; at 1.58kilogam, the Folio 9470m feels light & well balanced for a 14in mã sản phẩm.

There is also a smart card reader built in (which makes this model suitable for many business environments và government departments that require this feature) và more ports can be added via the docking port. Meanwhile, there is a fingerprint reader, TPM 1.2, drive sầu encryption software, and run-of-the-mill features such as a webcam, Bluetooth không dây và dual-b& Wi-Fi. This Model also comes with integrated Mobile broadbvà tư vấn.

The right side has Gigabit Ethernet, a dochồng port, card đồ họa, DisplayPort and two USB 3.0 ports & an SD card slot.

The left side has the exhaust vent, a cable lochồng facility, USB 3.0 with sleep charging, a combination tai nghe & microphone port, và a smart thẻ slot.

As much as connectivity options are plentiful in this unit, so is fast performance. The configuration is headed by an Hãng sản xuất Intel Vi xử lý Core i7-3667U CPU (this was in our thử nghiệm machine, the machine you can buy has an even faster 3687U), which offers plenty of speed for working on media files in addition to things like spreadsheets và Web applications. It recorded 40sec in our Blender 3D rendering test, 45sec in our iTunes MP3 encoding test, & 21min 39sec in our Handbrake DVD-to-MP4 conversion chạy thử. These results are practically identical khổng lồ what the similarly-configured Toshibố Portege Z930 achieved in the same tests. The EliteBook Folio is definitely a máy tính that feels responsive sầu during general usage and it"s excellent for multitasking.

Along with the fast CPU, you get 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM and a 256GB mSATA-based solid state drive (SSD), which recorded a read rate of 454 megabytes per second (MBps) và a write rate of 265MBps in the CrystalDiskMark demo — the write rate is one of the fasdemo we"ve sầu seen in an Ultrabook. Graphics are handled by the CPU (Hãng Intel HD 4000), which recorded 5065 in 3DMark06 — slightly slower than what the Toshitía Portege Z930 got in the same demo. But they are zippy enough graphics lớn drive sầu the 1366x768-px LCD panel và the high-resolution-capable DisplayPort if you need to lớn use larger or dual-display set-ups.

User comfort và design

The speed is one thing, but perhaps the most impressive feature of the EliteBook Folio 9470m is its spill resistant keyboard. The keys are laid out in a chiclet style on a tray that feels roông chồng solid. When you hit the keys they feel soft & they bounce bachồng with a quickness that puts most other Ultrabook keyboards lớn shame. In short, this keyboard is perhaps one of the best, if not the best on the market for writers. The only quibbles we have sầu with it are the half-sized up & down arrows, and the placement of the TrackPoint device. This stiông xã can sometimes get in the way when you"re aiming for the "b", "g" và "h" keys because it sits slightly high (it"s a concave-shaped stiông chồng, rather than a rounded stick). We should also mention that the keys are backlit by a cool White light that has two brightness levels & it"s very easy on the eyes when typing at night.

The Folio has one of the most comfortable keyboards of any Ultrabook that we"ve sầu tested lớn date.

Adding to the great user comfort of this máy vi tính is a large touchpad (105x58mm), which feels silky smooth và which has soft, non-clicky left và right buttons. There are actually two sets of buttons, the second being just under the space bar for the TrackPoint. It may have gotten in the way a little while typing, but the TrackPoint can come in handy during times when you need to lớn move the pointer but you don"t want to lớn move your hands away from the typing position.

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What also makes this máy tính so comfortable khổng lồ use is its overall build unique. It just feels so solidly constructed & it has a soft, rubber-lượt thích finish that makes you want lớn hold it. The reason for this finish is so you can carry the máy tính easily without fear of it slipping out of your hands. And not only does the máy tính feel solid, it also looks great.

It"s one of the best looking laptops on the Australian market thanks to its clean lines, silver colour and subtle status lights. The subtle status lights ensure that you won"t be distracted by the power, drive sầu và Wi-Fi lights while using this máy tính at night — there is an amber colour given to lớn the dedicated mute shortcut button above the keyboard, and this and the Wi-Fi toggle are the only other buttons you"ll find apart from the power button. Incidentally, we"re not fans of the power button, which is long, shallow and a little hard to lớn press.

The chassis feels solid despite having a removable battery that takes up the majority of the front-left corner of the base. It"s a 52 Watt-hour battery that lasted 4hr 4min in our rundown thử nghiệm, in which we disable power management, enable Wi-Fi, maximise screen brightness and loop an Xvid-encoded video clip file, and this is a decent time for an Ultrabook of this kích cỡ. HP.. offers a battery slice that can add more hours lớn the life of the Folio when it"s away from an outlet, although it will make the unit feel slightly heavier and thicker overall, & it will phối you bachồng a further $289.

The battery, which is at the top-left of this picture, can be removed. A battery slide can be added khổng lồ the base, too.

Heat wasn"t much of an issue for us while using this Ultrabook during our thử nghiệm period, but we did thử nghiệm during cold weather. There is a vent located at the bottom, in the centre-rear position of the chassis. This supplies cool air to lớn the fan và the bạn then blows through the heatsink và exhaust located on the left side of the unit. The centred vent at the bottom means that it"s less likely khổng lồ always be blocked when you use the Ultrabook on your lap, & the base only got slightly warm while we used the machine for typing up this Review, browsing the Web and viewing photos.

Noise was acceptable during our tests. While using the máy tính xách tay on high performance (the same way we use every máy tính during our tests), it made a constant, but not irritating whirring sound. Only when viewing full-screen photos & taxing the CPU during our benchmarks did it start to lớn spin faster & get louder, but we don"t think it got loud enough for the noise to lớn be a hindrance when using this máy vi tính in a meeting or other quiet work environment. It"s definitely not as loud as thinner laptops that use a third generation Chip Core i7 CPU, such as the Toshiba KIRA, for example.

One area in which the Folio 9470m falls a little short is in its display. Considering the price of the unit, its 1366x768-pixel resolution just doesn"t seem lượt thích its good enough for a 14in Model. We would have sầu liked an HD panel in this máy vi tính for the price (or at least a 1600x900 panel), và also a panel with better vertical viewing angles. The screen is quite bright though và we love the matte finish, which means that reflections won"t be irritating while using it with light sources behind you.


Because it"s a business máy tính xách tay, it comes with Windows 7 Pro installed, a vPro chipmix, và you also get HP"s ProtectTools software. This includes a suite of applications ranging from theft recovery (Computrace) lớn drive encryption, & there is also a credential manager that can keep records of your passwords, fingerprints & face (for face recognition logins). There is a password manager as well, which can be used to store your passwords for frequently-visited Web sites và allow you sign on with one of your saved credentials, but it only worked with Internet Explorer during our tests (it couldn"t detect login screens through Firefox và Chrome).

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It"s fair to lớn say that not many people would pay over $3000 for an Ultrabook, but unless you need the extra tốc độ và capađô thị, & can bởi vì without the integrated broadbvà, then you could go for the $2249 Mã Sản Phẩm, which comes with a Vi xử lý Core i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. It"ll still be swift for most tasks, and you"ll be getting an Ultrabook that is a pleasure to use while at the same time light and easy to lớn carry on a daily basis. HP. supports it with a 3-year on-site warranty (the battery gets one year).

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