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While there is plenty of interesting feedbaông xã online, writing a nhận xét is a skill. But what goes inkhổng lồ a good review? And how can you write one? In this post, we offer five tips for writing Reviews like a professional.

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1. Immerse Yourself

First impressions are important, but a good đánh giá will not stop there. Whatever you’re reviewing, make sure you have sầu experienced it fully before writing anything. And this usually means giving it a bit of time!

Listening to an album or reading a novel once, for example, will give you a sense of what it is lượt thích. But doing it two or three times will help you gain more depth of insight, giving you time khổng lồ notice small details & think about what you’re reviewing from different angles. If you don’t have time for that, though, you can at least pay cthảm bại attention & take notes.

But please don’t take notes on your phone at the cinema unless you want everyone else there khổng lồ hate you.

2. Consider Your Audience

As well as knowing what you’re writing about, you should think about who you’re writing for. This may include the following:

Whether you’re writing for a speciamenu audience or the general publicHow much your assumed reader is likely lớn know alreadyWhat kind of information your assumed reader would want to know

If reviewing an electronic device, for example, a speciadanh sách audience may want all the technical details. But a general audience will just want an easy-to-understand overview of the hàng hóa.

3. Examples & Evidence

Having opinions is good. But you need khổng lồ bachồng them up with examples & evidence. For instance, in a restaurant Review, it’s not enough lớn say that the food was “bad.” Your reader would want khổng lồ know why it was bad. Were the ingredients fresh? Was it served cold? How was the overall experience? Did you raise the issue with staff at the restaurant?

My hot dog was, uhh, fuzzier than ideal.(Photo: Zach Tirrell/flickr)

Make sure to go inlớn detail on a few points so your reader can understand why you’ve formed your opinion. Another tip is to compare whatever you’re reviewing with something similar, as this will give sầu readers useful context.

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4. Short Is Good (Usually)

As a rule, most people won’t want to read a trăng tròn,000-word treatise before deciding whether they’ll see the most recent Adam Sandler movie. In fact, many publications require đánh giá to lớn be under 300 words! Keeping your nhận xét focused và concise is therefore a good idea.

That said, longer review let you go into lớn much more depth, so they can be more interesting và informative sầu. But in an in-depth Reviews, you should:

Briefly outline what you are reviewing in the first paragraphUse the main toàn thân of the text khổng lồ go inlớn detail about your opinionsFinish with a short summary of your evaluation

The opening & closing passages will give sầu the reader a quichồng overview of the Reviews as a whole. You may even want lớn include a separate summary.

5. Score Systems

Many review come with a score out of 5, 10, or 100. This offers a quichồng way for readers to lớn get a sense of how good (or bad) the thing you’ve reviewed may be. We’re tempted to say not lớn worry about this (review scores have been causing controversy lately). But many people find a score helpful.

We give star rating systems two out of five.

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Which system to lớn use depends on the situation. If you’re writing for a trang web or magazine, they may give sầu you guidelines on how khổng lồ score đánh giá. But if you’re self-publishing or blogging, consider creating an explainer so readers know how your rating system works.

And if you have written a nhận xét of anything, why not have sầu one of our expert proofreaders check it lớn make sure your writing is the best it can be?

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