Hello hero: epic battle

The Epic Battle is revamped! Hello Hero: Epic Battle, one of the greatest 3 chiều idle RPGs on mobile, is alive & kicking in their latest update!Fincon, the developers of the Hello anh hùng franchise, made several updates to lớn the game’s nội dung which changes the way players progress through the game.

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Updated Content

Repeatable Adventure Missions are now removed from the game as well as other Adventure boosts like Time Leap, Gold boost, and anh hùng EXP boost. The rewards for Adventure Missions are now adjusted so players vị not have lớn repeat battles. Gem Expedition Missions also have adjustments in stage difficulty and rewards.

The Conquest trò chơi mode is now replaced with the Twisted Dimension Tower. Players now progress through different stages và win rewards every time they clear a stage.

The following trò chơi modes have been removed from the trò chơi for improvements & might come back in future updates: Outer Planet Expeditions, Episode Adventures, Stargate, Squad Wars, Region Tyrant.

New & Updated game Features

Finconadded several new trò chơi features to lớn Hello anh hùng Epic Battle. New features that directly affect the game play include the hero Class Effect and nhân vật Deck Synergy, which gives additional buffs lớn your Heroes depending on the composition.

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Other new game features include the VIP System, Daily và Weekly Quests, Epic Pass, nhân vật Mastery, and anh hùng Reset. These features introduce new ways for players khổng lồ progress through the game.

Some game features have been updated such as changes in nhân vật class names và level-up progression, Gem uses, Craft Workshop, and Gear. The maximum Stamina consumed in certain trò chơi modes is now restricted khổng lồ a daily maximum.

New Gear

One of the biggest changes to lớn the game is the Gear. Gear tăng cấp Essence và Gear Fragments will now be added. These items will allow players to create và enhance their Gear. Certain Gear items have been removed from the trò chơi to make vật phẩm upgrades simpler.

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Updated UI & Rewards

Hello Hero: Epic Battle gets a fresh new look with the updated UI. Some features such as Adventure stages, Gem Expeditions, Conquest stages cleared, and Achievements will be reset to lớn give all players a fresh new start in the game.Finconis also awarding VIP points, Adventure EXP boosts, and Diamonds lớn reward all current players for their loyalty.