As Dr. Gordon Freeman, you were last seen exiting thành phố 17 with Alyx Vance as the Citadel erupted amidst a storm of unknown proportions. In Episode Two, you must battle & race against Combine forces as you traverse the trắng Forest to deliver a crucial information packet stolen from the Citadel to lớn an enclave of fellow resistance scientists.

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Gnome Hell: RemakeNov 15 2022Gnome Hell Full Version 1 phản hồi

Gnome Hell: Remake is a remake of the original Gnome Hell test mod.


V1 of FratricideNov 15 2022Fratricide Full Version

My short, it"s just a bsp so all you have to bởi vì is go to this location D:GamessteamappscommonHalf-Life 2ep2maps and put it there, boot up the game...


FratricideNov 14 2022Fratricide Full Version

My short, it"s just a bsp so all you have to bởi vì is go to this location D:GamessteamappscommonHalf-Life 2ep2maps và put it there, boot up the game...


Goreagulation - 1.1 Release FileNov 7 2022Goreagulation Full Version

A new mutation with fixes, visual improvements, and game play adjustments has evolved for Goreagulation!


LambdaBuilds #3 - Escape From black MesaOct 28 2022LambdaBuilds Full Version 5 comments

The release archive of our third competition, Escape From đen Mesa!

Goreagulation - 1.0 Release (OLD - download 1.1)Oct 27 2022Goreagulation Full Version 17 comments

Goreagulation, a gorepunk stylistic total conversion, is now RELEASED!

Thunder"s Leaves Simplified Chinese subtitles filesOct 17 2022Thunder"s Leaves Patch

This is a patch with Chinese subtitles và installation instructions这是一份中文字幕补丁,内附安装说明

Prisoner Escape v1.11Oct 15 2022Prisoner demo

Changelog:- Improved graphics- Fixed Cyrillic in main menu- Updated lighting in several places- Some xúc tích và ngắn gọn fixes

Dishonourable Discharge test (beta)Oct 2 2022Dishonourable DIscharge chạy thử

Here is an early beta release of the first three chapters. You awake battered và bruised in a dingy basement of an office building. All you can remember...

Simplified Chinese subtitles files7hours agoThe Citizen Returns Patch

Open your mod thư mục and drag it into the resource folder. If you are prompted to overwrite, the installation is correct After starting the game mod...

Loud NeighborhoodSep 26 2022Loud Neighborhood thử nghiệm

Map created on a GameJam for you guys khổng lồ test và leave a feedback!

LambdaBuilds #2 - Back khổng lồ The RootsSep 10 2022LambdaBuilds Full Version 3 comments

The release of our second competition, Back lớn The Roots!

Entropy Zero Extended Russian TranslationSep 8 2022Entropy : Zero Language Pack 9 comments

Расширенный и обновленный перевод Entropy Zero на русский язык. Создан на базе официального...

2d skybox kiểm tra 1Sep 1 2022Full Version

little test bản đồ (with npc battle) with a 2d skybox for the first time.

Invasion TestAug 26 2022The Only Option Prototype thử nghiệm

A test for the late-game invasion chapter. Lưu ý that it is for testing và entertainment purposes. It"s a map file.

Desert Eagle that holds 8 rounds và not 6 (aka .44 cal version irl)Aug 18 2022Half-Life: Through The đô thị Patch

Improves the Desert Eagle"s ammo capacity to 8, much like the .44 Magnum variant in real life. A minor patch for the mod, but an optional one (don"t overwrite...

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in the virtual over ep2 credits v1.0Aug 17 2022In the virtual over credits for HL2:EP2 Full Version

Plays "In the virtual end" music video with HL2:EP2 credits. Lol.

Prisoner Escape Aug 11 2022Prisoner kiểm tra 7 comments

Required:Half-Life 2Half-Life 2: Episode oneHalf-Life 2: Episode two

WelcomeToMars setup 1.0 (zip)Aug 10 2022Welcome khổng lồ Mars Full Version 3 comments

Welcome to Mars - The highly anticipated SP thủ thuật for HL2 - Ep2 from the creators of The Xeno Project 1 & 2 & Nuclear Winter for Half-Life. There are...

Build2001 - RtB Vertigo Skybox RecreationAug 10 2022Build2001 chạy thử 2 comments

Recreation of Vertigo skybox concept art seen in "Raising the Bar" book.

WelcomeToMars thiết lập 1.0 (Installer)Aug 8 2022Welcome to Mars Full Version 2 comments

Welcome lớn Mars - The highly anticipated SP gian lận for HL2 - Ep2 from the creators of The Xeno Project 1 & 2 and Nuclear Winter for Half-Life. There are...

closecaption_polish FIXAug 6 2022Entropy : Zero Patch

Naprawiono polskie znaki w napisachFixed polish letters in closed captions

Half-Life: Through The City: The Awoken Release Slovak PatchJul 31 2022Half-Life: Through The đô thị Patch

Slovak translation for Through The City thử nghiệm - The Awoken.

Half-Life: Through The City: The Awoken Release Schinese PatchJul 31 2022Half-Life: Through The city Patch

Warning: This patch is for the Chinese player, don"t tải về it if your native language is not Chinese

Half-Life: Through The City: The Awoken Release 1.0Jul 25 2022Half-Life: Through The City chạy thử 71 comments

The Awoken Release features first trăng tròn - 40 minutes of the mod, contains 4 playable maps & translation for Russian language.

We Don"t Go khổng lồ Ravenholm: kiểm tra RELEASE V2Jul 22 2022Half-Life 2: Pathway Through Ravenholm demo 5 comments

This is the fix for the original WDGTR V1 test release

Through Vortal Eyes Chapter 1 DemoJul 17 2022Through Vortal Eyes kiểm tra 1 bình luận

A short kiểm tra of the first chapter of Through Vortal Eyes, as it is right now!

DoorJul 3 2022door Full Version 3 comments

Not quite finished, but if I don"t release it now it"s never getting released.

Half-Beta DemoJun 22 2022Half-Beta kiểm tra

First test Contains Point Insertion,A Red letter Day,First Route Kanal Map,Highway 17+SandTraps

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