11 reviews for hada labo perfect white arbutin essence


I’m constantly looking for ways lớn brighten my skin up or even whiten it further for that matter so I’m always up for trying Asian potions và lotions khổng lồ vì chưng so.

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Arbutin is actually a successful way to lớn brighten and lighten skin if you have, oh, a few years to lớn spare.

HadaLabo Arbutin Whitening Essence contains a stable size of arbutin lớn brighten skin while lightening dark spots và freckles, giving your skin a brighter appearance.


Supposedly there is also vitamin C in the formula khổng lồ improve unevenness and give skin a more informed appearance.


HadaLabo always takes special care with their ingredients & given time và patience you’ll find with their Arbutin Whitening Essence you will see results.

I’m on my third bottle of this & I actually didn’t see visible results for at least two months prior lớn using the product. I find it irritating the bottles are very small because you really vày have sầu lớn dedicate time to arbutin in order to see results. A single bottle probably won’t yield results or you might see very minimal lightening at first. I wish they offered it in a larger form size so I’m not forced to buy a new one every month or so. It’s only a 1 oz bottle so if I’m lucky I can get 90 days out of it but typically it’s only around 60.

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The formula is a lightweight essence which you can smooth on prior to lớn any of your other PM skincare treatments. I use it as a step prior to my Philosophy Miracle Worker Pads và before my moisturizer. I find the formula absorbs easily and is quite gentle on my drier skin. I don’t find it moisturizing in the least so don’t expect it to multitask for you, it’s a treatment sản phẩm only.

I will continue khổng lồ use it simply because it works. My dullness is eased, my skin looks brighter & lighter after constant use. On the downside, I didn’t feel it did well with dark spots or hyperpigmentation but I’m more than happy with the brighter, lighter tone of my skin. I also felt lượt thích if I stopped using it for a time, lượt thích any dark spot treatment, my skin would go baông xã khổng lồ being duller so you’ll want to add it as a constant in your skincare regime.

Overall, it’s a sản phẩm that works but you’ll need a little patience for the best results. I recommkết thúc it for those desiring brighter, lighter skin but not necessarily whiter.

Likes it!

Available at www.sasa.com

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