What is gta v roleplay?


Looking lớn play as a peaceful shop clerk or a police officer in GTA RP? Then our guide will show you how


What is GTA RP.. & how bởi vì you download it? Grand Theft Auto V fans are bound lớn be wondering that as Rockstar’s open-world game continues to lớn skyrocket in viewership figures on Twitch thanks khổng lồ its RPG community. The reason for the resurgence is a host of prominent streamers who have been engaging with the game’s role playing servers, such as Lirik, Summit1G, and TimTheTatMan.

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All this will be familiar to anyone who has used Skyrim’s Alternate Start mods – GTA RP. allows you lớn join the game as a regular NPC as opposed khổng lồ any of the main characters thanks to lớn the installation of a thủ thuật. The trkết thúc of role-playing has been around for years as it proves to be quite idyllic – instead of being thrust inkhổng lồ the spotlight, you can live sầu out a normal life & inhabit whatever character you’d like lớn be.

If you’re new khổng lồ all this, however, it can prove sầu lớn be quite daunting. You need lớn download the required mods to lớn make it work, find và apply to join servers, & then figure out how khổng lồ properly play the thing itself. On top of all that, you’ll also come across a bunch of slang terms you may be unfamiliar with. To try và alleviate some of that stress, we’ve sầu put together a handy starters guide lớn help anyone wanting to lớn join in.

What is a GTA RP server?

A Grand Theft Auto lớn Roleplay hệ thống takes the regular crime inspired personality of the GTA franchise và turns it inkhổng lồ a clean slate. Thanks to lớn the installation of a mod, you can spawn into a maps populated with dozens of others và play as a cop, siêu thị clerk, or even a criminal.

Most servers host a wide array of options & don’t abide by a specific theme, per se. Typically, each site has their own website where they set out which specific mods to tải về lớn join, alongside various forums where you can chat to lớn people who have sầu taken up a similar profession khổng lồ you.

Some servers are more hardcore than others regarding the amount of immersion they expect you lớn provide, but most ask you not to lớn break character or engage in senseless violence. In fact, if you bởi, it’s a good way to lớn earn the ire of those roleplaying as cops.


How lớn tải về the mods required for a GTA RP.. server

The installation of a mod is key, but different GTA RP servers will ask you to lớn tải về different ones. The most popular from what we’ve sầu seen is FiveM. To tải về it head to lớn their websitevà follow the steps they have sầu laid out:

Disable any antivirut before you tải về FiveM. Some antivirut vendors like Avast, AVG, và others are known to blochồng FiveM procedures, so make sure your antivirut is fully turned offOnce FiveM is installed, add FiveM khổng lồ the whitelist/exclusions of your antivirusMake sure you have sầu installed và updated GTA VDownload FiveM off the websiteRun FiveM.exe cộ. If you run the installer in an empty folder, FiveM will install there. Otherwise, it will install in %localappdata%FiveMStart FiveM from your Windows start menu

It should also be noted that while they bởi ask you khổng lồ switch off your antivirut, that they are working on a solution. Another option if you don’t want khổng lồ go through with that download is the RageMPhường client, which is used by the popular Eclipse Roleplay VPS.

How to lớn join a GTA RP. server

Joining và maintaining your status on a GTA RP.. hệ thống takes some work. Most servers will ask you lớn fill out an application & read a mix of rules – if you’d lượt thích an example, TwitchRP’s rulephối is just a cliông xã away. Once your application has been accepted you’ll join a queue where you can ascover the priority based on well you follow the rules.

You’ll have sầu khổng lồ jump through some hoops, but it seems to be a necessary step lớn stop each hệ thống from crashing, or from letting anyone in who would ruin the fun.


The best GTA RP servers lớn get you started

Each server works khổng lồ a similar cadence and aims lớn offer the most flexible experience possible by allowing you khổng lồ play as anything from a cab driver lớn a news anchor. Because of that, a lot of these servers can be quite similar but they can differ in scale và accessibility. Because of that, we’ve sifted through a few to get you started.


This is one of the most popular servers you could hope khổng lồ join, but it’s also the hardest.NoPixel only supports 32 players at a time & is frequented by Lirik, Moonmoon, and Summit1G. It’s no surprise, then, that it had lớn suspkết thúc applications as over 4,000 people applied.

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That said, applications won’t be down forever & you could still be in a chance with roleplaying with some of Twitch’s biggest streamers – especially if you can roleplay quite well.

Since the release of NoPixel 3.0, GTA 5 RPs been the most watched thing onTwitch, with people role playing as cops, or glitching everything in sight asJohnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk 2077.

Eclipse RP

Another one of GTA RP’s heavy hitters, this VPS hosts 200 players at one given time. One of its more impressive features is how detailed its forum section is – clearly laying out oodles of crime factions for you to join – ranging from the Los Santos Irish Mob khổng lồ The Clowns. There’s also post spots for specific jobs lượt thích Los Santos Customs và Los Santos Medical Services.

Do be warned though,Eclipse RP appears to be another one of GTA RP’s premier servers, you’re time on the waiting các mục may prove sầu lengthy.

GTA World

This server stands out as it’s entirely text-based, meaning those of us who aren’t up khổng lồ chatting with strangers have a place to lớn go to give GTA RP.. a whirl. Much lượt thích the others, there’s a sign-up process for GTA World, and according lớn the website there are currently 500 members.

Even if you’re not an accepted member though, you can noodle around the forums and see what kind of factions are in play.

Mafia City

This roleplay VPS is two years in the making và it’s now available for signups. It comes with a “dynamic” legal & illegal group system, customisable player business & corporations, & every property is for sale, too. Léman Luxury Apartments, houses, hotels, and condos – you name it. Mafia City also gives you the option to play as a cop, gangster, or a money hungry CEO.


Some online slang you’ll see in the GTA RPhường forums

From the easily guessable to lớn the more unorthodox, there’s a lot of slang terms you’re going lớn bump inlớn on the forums &, more importantly, in the rule book. To save sầu stepping on anyone’s toes & falling down the pecking order, we’ve sầu wrangled a few terms together that may trip you up.

RP: role-playOOC: out of characterLOOC: local out of characterIC: in characterCK: character killPK: player killERP: erotic roleplayRDM: random deathmatch

We’ll keep this list updated with more slang terms that we find.

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Mod men:The best Grvà Theft Aulớn Vmods on PC

And there you go, plenty of details on GTA RPhường. to get you started. From how to tải về it, lớn some servers to lớn join, too. With the roleplaying fandom at its peak on Grvà Theft Auto V, there’s never been a better time lớn dive sầu in & try it out. If you vì chưng decide lớn take the plunge, we hope this guide helps.