Inniskhông tính phí Green Tea Seed Cream :The first thing I would like lớn talk about when reviewing Innisfree’s green tea seed cream is that this is my first sản phẩm I have ever tried from this particular brvà. In fact, I had never even heard of it before (at the time of purchase of this product). I purchased this on a whlặng without knowing what to expect from this sản phẩm. I have sầu always been using moisturizers from Western brands such as Neutrogena etc etc. This is the first time I purchased this product from an Asian market. I have sầu extremely oily, blemish-prone & sensitive sầu skin. I live in extremely humid conditions on an average day. Bought this by mistake when I was rushing lớn get the serum instead. However, I did not regret using it. I use this as a night moisturizer, and wake up feeling really moisturized, so much so, my skin was glowing in the morning. The consistency is quite thiông chồng, so I vị not use too much of it, more lượt thích a few dots around my face. Once applied, it feels a bit oily và waxy, but in a pleasant way. I kept using this despite having oily skin myself.

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I have sầu already reviewed their BALANCING CREAM. You can find the đánh giá of Green Tea Serum HERE.


Price: - Rs 1750


My Experience with Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream

I have an oily & acne prone skin with some acne scars. I have sầu been wanting to slowly switch my skincare to Korean products và Innisfree seemed very natural và plus everything looked cute. My skin is very sensitive sầu & I was worried lớn try this because the consistency of the cream is very thiông xã & also the scent of the cream is bit svào for me but this did not break me out all & moisturized my skin very well. It wears well under sunscreen & makeup. It cools and calm down my skin & my skin feels incredibly soft và supple. I always look for products that don’t burn my skin và provides a soothing sensation to lớn my skin. The Innismiễn phí green tea seed cream is very soothing và does not irritate my oily skin at the same time it is gentle on the skin, no burning sensation, no redness at all plus it deeply hydrates & smells wonderful. Although the texture of the cream is quite thichồng và greasy it is better to lớn use it at night. Since using this cream, I have noticed fine lines on my eyes have reduced. The green tea seed line has more nutrition than the usual moisture line. This one looks thiông xã but it spreads easily and feels awesome on my skin. It makes my skin moist, plump but not sticky at the same time. I love sầu to use it even on summer in a very hot day; it doesn’t melt or makes my skin looks oily. It’s not as light as the gel cream but not as melting as the moisture cream.

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Pros:This moisture cream with Jeju eco-friendly green tea seed ingredient is formulated khổng lồ provide excellent moisturizing + anti-oxidant effects lớn your skin.Moist but not stickyRefreshing scent.Absorbs Quickly.ConsIt’s really very expensive.Not suitable lớn use during daytime better lớn use it at night time. As, bergamot fruit extract makes skin sensitive to lớn light.It can irritate very sensitive sầu skin because of the presence of lots of citrus extracts in it.Very thiông chồng consistency for oily skin.

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Would I repurchase ?I would rate it 4/5. I have sầu khổng lồ be more careful & thoughtful about when & with what other products I apply with since it is a thichồng cream & makes me oilier during the day. It’s not an everyday hàng hóa in my opinion, but for when I need a good boost of hydration on drier days. I recommend it lớn people with dry skin instead of oily skin.