Game Info
Platkhung Xbox One
quảng cáo trên internet Microsoft Studios
Developer The Coalition
Release Date Holiday 2016

Note: portions of this Review previously appeared in our pre-reviews check-in with Gears of War 4 in September.

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Gears of War 4 is about home page & family.

That might sound weird. Gears of War as a series has dealternative text with accusations of hyper-masculine excess và an emphasis on gore & violence since it was first announced more than ten years ago. And it’s not that those observations are wrong, exactly — the characters have sầu always been larger than life, the men in particular wide & heavy, & the violence of the series has always been extreme and enthusiastic. But beneath or even in parallel lớn that aspect, there’s always been consistent themes of friendship, of relationships of tư vấn and camaraderie that would seem corny in most other games but, somehow, work in Gears of War for a passionate fanbase.

New Gears developer The Coalition’s job with Gears of War 4 is many-fold. To bring the series baông xã to lớn relevancy five sầu years after it last had an impact; to serve sầu as a standard-bearer for the Xbox platform; khổng lồ legitimately lay clalặng to lớn a property started by another studio. And, maybe, to lớn vì something fresh with a series that seemed to reach its logical endpoint.

Oh, and to lớn make a great video clip game.

The Coalition doesn’t succeed on all fronts. Gears of War 4 at times seems to have more ideas than it has time or bandwidth to lớn explore. This often results in a game that feels lượt thích a refined reboot rather than something truly new or different. But Gears of War 4 serves as an effective statement of intent, bringing Gears forward và competing with the modern vanguard of competitive shooters.

It’s also a hell of a lot of fun.

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As Gears of War 4 begins, decades have sầu passed since the human race narrowly survived the Locust War (with a tight, playable history lesson that gives a brief timeline of events). After the events of Gears of War 3, the Locust threat was over, and humanity began khổng lồ rebuild.

The line running through Gears of War 4 is family

The survivors of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, or Cog, live sầu in cities closely supervised by a government with a tight grip in place. This is partly lớn ensure the survival of a human race almost snuffed out by the Locust War — the world is full of propagandomain authority that tells its story, like books và posters espousing the heroism and service of breeding for the future of the species. However, some survivors live outside the walls of large, robot-built cities at odds with the Cog, engaging in raids on certain Cog storehouses for supplies and living in a state of cold-ish war.

Sitting somewhere between these factions is J.D. Fenix và his best frikết thúc Del Walker, who have gone AWOL from the Cog and joined an outsider group with their frikết thúc Kait Diaz. But when a mysterious new threat invades their settlement và steals away their friends and family, J.D and his companions go lớn the only neutral tiệc ngọt they can think of to lớn find help — J.D.’s father and Gears of War protagonist Marcus Fenix.

Gears of War 4 is a more focused, less sprawling story than the last few entries, following the three friends through the forests và ruins of Old Sera as they try lớn find their friends and family. It feels more action-horror than action sci-fi, & it can be as enthusiastically violent as previous games — sometimes even more so, as there’s even more combat chatter than before & J.D. is a less morose lead than Marcus ever was. But the line running through Gears 4 is, as I mentioned before, family. A lot of time is spent exploring the strained relationship between Marcus & his son, with a lot of perspective on both sides of the equation.


As for competitive multiplayer, as always, it will take time for Gears of War 4 to lớn show whether or not it has the legs to lớn keep an audience & build a community. But the ingredients are there, và it feels like The Coalition is off lớn a great start. The decision lớn bump Gears of War 4’s frame rate in multiplayer khổng lồ 60 frames per second, over the campaign’s 30 fps, offers specific improvements khổng lồ the game’s controls & responsiveness (which were already pretty great). In return, Gears 4 is the best-playing multiplayer in the series. Twitch response is dramatically improved, và there are fewer moments where death feels lượt thích it came because you couldn’t turn in time.

The maps I’ve spent time with so far have sầu a good mix of cover points và line of sight, & there almost always seems khổng lồ be an opportunity for strategic movement và positioning. I’m more concerned with the number of modes Gears of War 4’s multiplayer is trying khổng lồ focus on. It’s not that anything in particular is badly implemented. Arms Race is a fun gimmiông xã for people who liked Gun trò chơi in the gọi of Duty games. Dodgeball — where each player has a single life, but is "tagged" bachồng into lớn the match when a thành viên of the other team dies — is inspired, và leads khổng lồ some great back-and-forth stories. But I wonder how many of those modes will be alive a few months after the game launches, and whether that variety might hurt the community’s ability lớn coalesce around specific game types and grow from there.

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Microsoft và The Coalition have sầu also committed to lớn an ambitious, if confusing, DLC plan where new maps will be không tính phí of charge for all nội dung in most circumstances — offline being the exception. It would appear that Gears of War 4 và the Coalition are following Halo 5 & developer 343’s lead with an aggressive post-release update schedule of new content, which should bode well for the game’s longer-term prospects.