Follow The Damn Train, Cj!

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"Follow The Damn Train, CJ!" is a memorable quote uttered by the character Big Smoke during a mission in the 2004 action video clip game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Due to the frustrating difficulty of the mission, the quote is often referenced online by fans of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series.


In the GTA: San Andreas mission "Wrong Side of The Tracks", the protagonist CJ and his partner Big Smoke are ambushed by the Vagos Gang at a train station. CJ is then ordered to chase down the escaping gang members who are on đứng top of a train while Big Smoke attempts to shoot them down. The mission is completed once all 4 gang members are killed before the Train reaches the Fredderick Bridge that connects Los Santos with Las Venturas. Failing to vị so will cause the mission to fail & prompt Big Smoke khổng lồ yell "All we had to vì chưng was follow the damn Train, CJ!" (shown below).

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On October 13th, 2010, YouTuber qwert50 uploaded a clip titled "Follow the Damn Train CJ," which shows his failure in completing the mission due khổng lồ getting hit by an incoming train.<2> In five years, the video clip gathered more than 234.000. On June 2nd, 2011, YouTuber Pocky Pocky uploaded a clip titled "Follow the damn train yourself Smoke." in which he plays the mission using a modified Sanchez that looks lượt thích Big Smoke (shown below). On September 18th, a forums thread titled "ALL YOU HAD TO bởi vì WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN CJ." was posted on IGN that discusses the infamous mission.<4>

On September 30th, 2014, 9Gag user DOGE23 uploaded a picture titled "All we had to bởi was follow the damn train cj!", which accumulated over 21.100 points và 500 comments in six months.

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Grand Theft tự động V Easter Egg

In the 2013 action đoạn phim game Grand Theft auto V, the mission "Derailed" contains a gold medal objective titled "Better than CJ" which is a direct reference lớn the San Andreas mission. The objective is completed by landing on the train using the first jump<6>.