This is a nhận xét & & detailed measurements of FiiO quận 1 Mark II Portable DAC & headphone amplifier. It is on a kind loan from a forum thành viên. It retails for USD $100 from Amazon including không tính tiền Prime shipping. The unit is attractively packaged & similar to lớn build unique of Topping NX4 DSD which I used for comparison. Here you see them side by side:

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The unit has both balanced & unbalanced tai nghe output per above sầu. Alas, my balanced test fixture only has XLR (damn these guys for not standardizing on one connector) so I could not kiểm tra that port.Let"s get inkhổng lồ the measurements and see how she does.MeasurementsLet"s start with our usual dashboard in high-gain mode:

Response is exceptionally well behaved and load independent. The have made a conscious choice khổng lồ limit gain & hence power và distortion. There is essentially no clipping to lớn speak of which is very unusual for tai nghe amplifiers. What this means that you get the same fidelity until max volume.Alas, power is very low with just 7 milliwatts at 300 ohms. Even at 33 ohm we don"t have sầu much on hand at 62 milliwatt.Output impedance is very decent at 1.8 ohms or so:

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This compares khổng lồ 0.9 ohm on Topping NX4 DSD though.Frequency response is boring which means it is good:
The FiiO quận 1 Mark II nails this demo with just 0.025 dB of deviation at all volume positions until the end! And this is in high-gain mode.How does it pull this off? It uses an analog volume control but it digitizes its value và then uses that digital output khổng lồ set the cấp độ in both channels. A normal analog volume control would have sầu had different values at different positions for each channel. And a rotary encoder would have sầu no max và min detents và probably cost more. I hope this becomes the standard solution in headphone amplifiers.Listening Tests
I tested the Fiio Q1 Mark II using my Hifiman HE-400i. You get no sound even in high gain below 12:00 position! It would get reasonably loud but not khổng lồ my satisfaction.
The Topping NX4 DSD was in entirely different class, pushing out tons more power and authoritative bass with no distortion to lớn speak of.I then tested the quận 1 with my sensitive sầu IEMs và there I got plenty of volume and with the help of bass boost switch, got decent amount of that without it being bothersome.Conclusions
I find no glaring faults in the thiết kế of Fiio quận 1. It aims for a mid-level performance và it delivers that with no warts. It is best used with sensitive sầu IEMs và people who like to lớn listen to lớn lower levels than I vị. It is nicely made và has very rich format support including DSD. It has fantastic channel matching -- the best I have seen I think.If you can afford an extra $50, the Topping NX4 DSD is much better performer. It has much more output, và better measured và subjective performance.In summary, the Fiio Q1 Mark II is recommended if your demands for output power is limited.As always, questions, comments, corrections, etc. are welcome.-----If you lượt thích this review, please consider donating funds for these types of hardware purchases using Patreon (, or upgrading your membership here though Paypal (https://audioscienceđánh giá.com/foru...eview-and-measurements.2164/page-3#post-59054).

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