The face shop face it extreme brush pen eyeliner reviews, photos, ingredients

It’s going to lớn be another product Đánh Giá, today I will besharing my thoughts on The Face Shop’s Ink Graffi Brush Eye Liner Pen. It’s arelatively new launch in Singapore.

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If you have been following me for a while, you would haveremembered about my sentiments about The Face Shop’s BB Cushion reviews abouttwo years baông xã và how disappointed I was with it. Unforgettable, yet I believe my next experience with The Face Shop may be different.

Hence, I picked up The Face Shop’s Ink Graffi Brush EyeLiner Pen in 01 Ink Blaông chồng 0.05mm from my nearest outlet at Causeway Point. I feel it wasreasonably priced at S$ 16.80comes in two shades, blaông xã and brown. Nothingmuch to be said about the packaging, very much box standard.

First Impressions

I lượt thích the calligraphy styled brush tip and fine point, you would love sầu this pen if you hate dipping application tips back và forth with other liners in the market.The formulation is also very much like the old school calligraphy ink with one layer, it"s almost has a hint of dark charcoal on the lash line. Since the tip is fine, it can easily get into lớn the inner corners of the lash line to extover the eye shape with ease. It tickles a lot too, if you can look pass that sensation.Unlike some liquid liners that can deposit too much product on the lash line, you will not have sầu khổng lồ worry with this as the brush is tapered khổng lồ a fine point.
The longevity on this eyeliner though I found it khổng lồ be notlong lasting, surprisingly it lasts up khổng lồ a good three or four hours maximumvà it washes off easily with just a little soap and water. I don’t mind thisbecause on most days, I don’t reach for a gel eye liner or a long lasting liner as a matter of fact. Yes, I don"t wear makeup on most days.I remove my makeup immediately after filmingvideos for my YouTube Channel và I don’t have sầu to feff about dipping a cottonsquare inkhổng lồ an oil based eye và lip makeup remover liquid. A time saver and Ican get bachồng khổng lồ picking up from where I left with the housework, cooking,cleaning and picking my kid up from kindergarten.


I need at least two coats on the lash line lớn get the linerlooking as blaông chồng as it can get. One coat does not give off much opathành phố andit’s almost like charcoal grey. I have sầu also noticed that it’s best lớn give timefor the liner lớn dry down completely before moving onto the second coat as ittends to skip and become patchy when working on it while it’s wet.

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The precision tip on this pen can be amazing bomb for eyeliner ninjas and experts who can perfect their wing with one stroke while itcould possibly over as a disaster in the hands of a Makeup newbie. Either way, it’spractice that brings about perfection.

If you’re on a look out for a new eye liner, give sầu this ashot as I find this khổng lồ be a lower cost alternative sầu lớn the Maybelline SuperSharp Liner range from our local Drugstore that are typically priced at S$19,just below the S$trăng tròn price point. The Ink Graffi Eyeliner Pen works just aboutthe same & I feel that it can easily pass off as a cthảm bại dupe.

If you lượt thích lớn loông chồng it down and refine the colour further,you can go over the eyeliner with a black shadow or a gel liner to lớn phối theliner further down so that it stays put for the rest of the day. I’ve tried this& it works for me, just be sure that you give it time to lớn dry before workingon the second layer. Usually it takes about two coats lớn achieve sầu a rich dark line across the lashes for a voluminous look.

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That’s it for this week blog post, I hope you enjoyedreading this sản phẩm review! If you did then please vì chia sẻ this with yourfamily & friends & tell me which is your favorite eyeliner.