200 mia everglow ideas


No doubt Mia is a great vocalist và is one of the popular members of EVERGLOW. However after doing some retìm kiếm, I've sầu never found anything about Mia's past suggesting if she was popular or not, how she got inlớn kpop, etc. the other 5 are known for at least something prior lớn joining EG.

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for example, Aisha a former JYP trainee, E:U did vlogging on yuehua's YT channel và Modelled for STARE Shoes. Onda was on a show called "Idol School", Sihyeon was on produce 101 & 48 & Yiren was on Produce 48, in addition to lớn being voted #1 visual center.

But yet, nothing about Mia


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Based on what I have sầu come across. It seems YUEHUA purposely didn't put up any or allowed much info khổng lồ leak before debut on MIA. Example being she weren't sent to any Idol Competitions, because she is considered a "secret weapon".

I wouldn't care if there wasn't even any evidence khổng lồ back this up, it rings true khổng lồ my heart