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This is as cthua thảm to lớn native DualSense tư vấn in Windows as it gets

While Valve sầu has been adding support for the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller, another buổi tiệc ngọt had been working on their own solution. That being DS4Windows, which is an application that brought PlayStation 4 DualShochồng 4 support lớn the PC. A couple of days ago, I reached out regarding DualSense support & was told that it was being worked on. Today, an updated version of DS4Windows was released, and I decided khổng lồ give sầu it some hands-on.

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Update – If you’ve already installed the Steam beta client, you’ll need to make sure you’ve sầu disabled both the PlayStation Configuration Support & Xbox Configuration Support options. If you don’t, DS4Windows may not work correctly.

With this new update, DS4Windows supports the DualSense controller in Windows, & brings Trackpad, LED, and Rumble tư vấn. LED settings can be adjusted, such as the color of the light pad for the DualSense controller, button mappings, và games that tư vấn will take advantage of the controller.

In the video clip below, I’ve not only installed DS4Window so that you can see the install process. But I also fired up several games so that you can see the DualSense in action.

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While the Steam update for DualSense tư vấn was good, this DS4Windows update is amazing. I say this as this adds support for all PC games. Meaning games from Battle.net, Epic Games Store, GOG, Bethesda’s launcher, và even Steam without installing the beta client. For now, the light bar và rumble tư vấn are only available via USB. A future update will add công nghệ Bluetooth không dây support for DS4Windows.

To tải về the DS4Windows application, head over to lớn Github và grab DS4Windows version 2.1.17. For those wondering why this lathử nghiệm update is not on the DS4Windows trang web, another person took over the development. You’ll have sầu to lớn head over lớn the Github distro I linked to download the update.

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The only things missing are the Haptic Feedbaông xã and Adaptive sầu Triggers, which may not make it lớn the PC. These are features that would need to lớn be programmed in-game, & without proper tư vấn from Sony, it may not happen. But let’s keep our fingers crossed, yet in case.

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