Call Of Duty®: Black Ops


Explosive cold war covert action

Almost before you"ve had a chance to lớn say "Medal of Honor", Call of Duty: đ Ops is coming back with another high-octane military storyline following several covert CIA operations around the globe during the Cold War.

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While the call of Duty: black Ops single-player campaign looks like offering more of the same explosive, heavily scripted and probably totally over the top action, Activision are promising lots of innovations in the multiplayer. The biggest is the inclusion in call of Duty: đ Ops of CP, or hotline of Duty Points. These are in addition to lớn normal points, và will be used as in game cash.

This CP is necessary to buy weapons, other upgrades and personalizations for your hotline of Duty: black Ops multiplayer soldier. There will also be "Wager Matches", which allow call of Duty: black Ops players to lớn bet their cash against other players, meaning hot shots can get more CP faster. It"s still lớn be whether there will be suitable leveling in this mode, so novices don"t become easy pickings for the expert players!

With pre-orders outnumbering those of Modern Warfare 2, the biggest grossing launch ever, điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: đ Ops could well be about to lớn become the biggest trò chơi in history.



love this cod every single game is life...........................................................................................................

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