Dramatically different moisturizing gel


Hey guys! Today I am reviewing the most-raved about and the best selling moisturizer for oily skin, Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (such a long name too!).

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I have a bad experience with Clinique (I will tell you why on my review on their anti-blemishes system soon) so I was adamant on never buying from Clinique ever again! But my sister has been using this moisturizer for a long time now và she told me khổng lồ try it out. She, too, has oily, sensitive sầu and acne-prone skin và this moisturizer performed perfectly for her so I decided to lớn vì chưng a patch chạy thử of this moisturizer first. When my skin did not react badly to it, I began – hesitantly might I add – lớn apply this all over my face.

Fast forward khổng lồ two years later và I am now on my third bottle HAHA!

So if you guys are looking for a legit review, where the sản phẩm has been tested out in different faces, different weather & temperature, và different countries even, then you are in the right place!


What Clinique has to say

Dermatologist-developed formula combines oil-không tính tiền hydration with skin-strengthening ingredients. Your daily moisturizer helps skin look younger, longer.


This costs Php 1900 for the 125 mL of the product or if buying in the US, $27 + tax. For the 800 mL, it costs P800 or $14.50 + tax. It definitely is more expensive sầu when buying in the Philippines.


The smaller sản phẩm comes in a plastic tube packaging. The bigger one comes in a matte plastic transparent square bottle. I like that the bottle has a pump. It keeps everything neat và clean.

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This has a light và fresh scent. It comes out yellow, as seen in the packaging, và blends inkhổng lồ a transparent gel.

This moisturizer is enough for oily skin girls. It is not as heavy as other moisturizers that are more for drier skin but enough lớn hydrate oily skin. It sets pretty quickly. After I put this on, I apply lotion lớn my body toàn thân. Once that is done, the moisturizer has sunk into lớn my face & I am ready for the next step of my skincare.

If you have sầu oily skin & live in a hot or even a temperate climate, then this moisturizer is enough for you. But during the colder months, this moisturizer will not be enough for you. I spent the October of last year in Las Vegas and the air there was dry and cool, very different from the humidity of Manila. My skin was dry & even when I put two layers of this moisturizer, it still was not enough. So if you are going to a drier and colder climate, please note that even oily skin & this moisturizer is not enough.

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I will repurchase this sản phẩm until I can find a better one. Do you guys have sầu any recommended moisturizer for oily skin? Please let me know in the comments.

I’ll talk lớn you guys soon!

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