After a long four year wait, the release window for Classroom of the Elite season 2 has finally been confirmed, along with news of season 3’s production.

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Anime fans are used to long hiatus’ between seasons of their favourite shows, but it does get to a certain stage when hope và expectation turns into doubt and uncertainty.

Classroom of the Elite was arguably one of the best anime series of 2017, but it’s been a long, long wait for news on its sequel production.

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Thankfully, it has now been confirmed that Classroom of the Elite will finally make its return lớn our screens with season 2 & 3, with new information about its release window being confirmed online!

The Upcoming Classroom of the Elite Season 2 và 3 will adapt the whole "Ist Year Edition". #ClassroomOfTheElite

— Absolute Otaku (

Classroom of the Elite season 2 finally confirmed

After more than a four-year hiatus, the official Japanese website for the Classroom of the Elite franchise confirmed on February 21st that a sequel adaptation is on its way.

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The announcement explained that “the TV anime will be broadcast from July to lớn September 2017, & the long-awaited sequel lớn the fans will finally be produced!” Alongside the announcement, a new character visual image was shared, see below.

Whilst news of the renewal is welcomed by fans of the Classroom of the Elite series, not many members of the community will be too surprised by the series’ eventual return.

The anime, despite airing four years ago, still maintains a respectable score on various user-based feedback websites. This includes a 7.6/10 score on IMDB, 4.6/5 on Crunchyroll and 7.84/10 on MyAnimeList – with the latter featuring more than 515,000 reviews!

Then we have the view that there was plenty of source material from the original light novel series to adapt into another anime season. According khổng lồ Anime Geek, episode 12 found a stopping point around Volume 3 of the original series.

The good news is that a total of 11 volumes of the light novel series have been published in Japan, with five volumes of ‘Year 2’ being serialised from January 2020 lớn October 2021.

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Classroom of the Elite Sequel announced!✨More:

— AnimeTV チェーン (
animetv_jp) February 21, 2022

Release & streaming for Classroom of the Elite season 2

Today, March 6th, the official Japanese trang web for the Classroom of the Elite anime confirmed that season 2 would release in July 2022.

Unfortunately, a specific release date was not confirmed for season 2’s premiere, neither was an associated international streaming partner announced.

However, fans can expect Classroom of the Elite khổng lồ return on either Wednesday, July 6th or Wednesday, July 13th, in accordance with the series’ season 1 programming block in Japan.

The anime is also expected to return to lớn Crunchyroll for its simulcasting of the second season; which streamed the first season with subtitles, whilst Funimation released the English dubbing.

Although the recent merger of the two sites means that the anime will likely be exclusively available on Crunchyroll for both subbed và dubbed versions.

The Japanese trang web also confirmed some of the production staff for season 2:

General Director: Seiji Kishi x Hiroyuki Hashimoto Director: Yoshito Nishoji Series composition: Hayato Kazeno Character design: Kazuaki Morita Music: Masaru Yokoyama x Kana Hashiguchi Sound Director: Satoki Iida

Studio Lerche will also return to lớn produce the second anime season.


Season 3 also confirmed for 2023

Whilst every fan will be delighted to hear that Classroom of the Elite season 2 will arrive sooner than expected, the community will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that a third season was also confirmed!

That’s right, alongside news of the season 2 release, the Japanese trang web revealed that the anime was lớn receive a third season which will premiere in 2023.

“The production of the second and third seasons of the TV anime “Welcome to lớn the Classroom of the Elite” has been decided. The second term will be broadcast from July 2022, & the third term will be broadcast in 2023, và all the first graders will be animated.” –

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"Classroom of the Elite" has confirmed the production of Season 2 và 3.

— Anime News & Facts (
AniNewsAndFacts) March 6, 2022

Where lớn read the original series

With the news that Classroom of the Elite will be making its return with a sequel, there has never been a better time khổng lồ read the original light novel & manga series.

Physical volumes of the light novel series can be purchased through various online retailers, including Amazon, Bookshop, BAM, Powell‘s, Walmart & Indiebound.

Digital versions can also be purchased through Amazon, Comixology (via Amazon), Barnes & Noble, Google Play và Kobo.

Meanwhile, physical versions of the manga series can be acquired through Amazon, Right Stuff, Bookshop, Indiebound and BAM.

Whereas, digital versions of the manga can be found at Amazon, Book Walker, Kobo và Google Play.

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Classroom of the Elite Year 2 Manga Adaptation

— Namaryu (CEO of Tanmoshi) (
Namaryuu) October 26, 2021

By Tom Llewellyn –

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