Be matte lipstick by city color cosmetics

City Color says their Be Matte Lipsticks are "every girl"s must have secret! Rich with pigmentation và a matte finish, these lipsticks are touched with Vitamin E to lớn nourish your lips và provide long lasting color. In 36 stunning shades, you will want to collect them all!". Today I"m reviewing one of the most popular shades, Cappuccino, which I received in an Ipsy Bag. The City Color Be Matte Lipsticks contain 2.9 grams of hàng hóa and are fairly priced at just $5 each. City Màu sắc is cruelty không lấy phí. This lipstiông xã was made in Đài Loan Trung Quốc.

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Honestly, City Color"s Be Matte Lipsticks have clunky, cheap, and unattractive packaging. These lipsticks are housed in blaông xã square tubes with clear, loosely fitting caps. The City màu sắc hình ảnh sản phẩm và product name are printed on the front of the tube in Trắng lettering, the shade name can be found on the side. While packaging is functional, I think it looks và feels pretty crappy, but at least its recyclable.

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I have mixed feelings about City Color"s Be Matte Lipsticks. This lipstiông xã formula is on the drier side, và pretty waxy, so it drags on during application. Both the texture & scent of City Color"s Be Matte Lipsticks says "Crayola" khổng lồ me. The dry, waxy texture will enhance any of your lip"s textural problems, so be sure to lớn exfoliate & moisturize before application. Surprisingly, Cappuccino isn"t too uncomfortable on the lips (but it isn"t a treat to wear, either). City Color"s Cappuccino is remarkably pigmented and opaque. Like most matte lipsticks, City Color"s Be Matte Lipsticks have sầu great lasting power - Cappuccino lasts about four hours. Transferring is rare, & this lipstiông chồng never slips out of the lip line. As I previously mentioned. these lipsticks smell like a crayon, but they don"t have any noticeable flavor.Cappuccino is such a weird color that"s really hard to describe. At first, I wanted khổng lồ gọi it a rosewood shade, but that doesn"t quite fit it as well as I thought. For laông xã of a better mô tả tìm kiếm, I"ll hotline Cappuccino a rosy tan with a flat, matte finish. This uncommon, brown leaning nude is surprisingly flattering, và would suit most skin tones - I see why it"s so popular!

City Color"s Cappuccino Be Matte Lipstick is chất lượng, if anything. The pink tinged brown color is very easy khổng lồ pull off. While I don"t think the Be Matte formula is all bad, I vì think it could be improved upon. I love this lipstick"s strong color payoff, but I don"t appreciate the waxy texture & scent. If you love sầu matte lip colors, City Color"s Be Matte Lipsticks are a wallet friendly choice. Personally, I don"t see myself picking up anymore of these lipsticks.

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