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How far can you run?


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How far can you run?


#159 in Racing 4.7 • 14.3K Ratings không tính phí Offers In-App Purchases

Take to the streets with ANGRY GRAN RUN!

Our Angry Gran has been locked away in the Angry Asylum, she's plotting her escape, và she needs YOU khổng lồ guide her through the streets once she's busted out!

Run, jump & slide over and around tons of different & WACKY obstacles in this crazy new running game!

THE PUNKS ARE BACK! Bash them out the way & grab their coins to lớn clear up the streets once and for all!

Change your look by buying new costumes including 70's hippy gran, wonder gran và even a PENGUIN COSTUME!

Forget temples, jungles và subway stations – the cities of thủ đô new york and Rome await you!

Buy & upgrade loads of different power-ups like BULLET-TIME và INVINCIBLE SHIELDS.

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Watch out for ALIENS, DINOSAURS & other INSANE stuff!

How far can you run?


#159 in Racing 4.7 • 14.3K Ratings không tính phí Offers In-App Purchases

How far can you run?


#159 in Racing 4.7 • 14.3K Ratings không tính phí Offers In-App Purchases

How far can you run?


#159 in Racing 4.7 • 14.3K Ratings không lấy phí Offers In-App Purchases

Go through different cities in the world including Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro & Mexico City– Fixed an issue that was crashing some devices on open– Updated environment và obstacles for this months environment– New limited edition characters added!

Can't get enough of Angry Gran? Bugs causing problems? Ideas for future updates? Then we want to hear from you! Click the feedback button in the options menu and drop the Angry Gran Run Team a message.


I love this game! Can you maybe make a Granny run 2 or even 3? Best game ever! It is super fun. One thing you could vày to make it even better: you know how the player has turn the sharp edges when there is sharp edges? Well every time I try to lớn turn the sharp edges I have khổng lồ start all over again, so I was wondering if you could turn the sharp edges for the player. It would be much easier. & I would be the best at the game!

– Anya Correia

How far can you run?


November update

Things I like about the new update:– New icons, mostly.– Earthquake effect as Rexy approaches.– Prominently displayed score multiplier up top.– Boosts show how many you have available when starting a run.– trang chủ screen is better organized.– New bear costume.

Things I don’t like so much:– tốc độ seems to ramp up *really* quickly now.– thua the static-y noise Rexy makes.– Light streaks when you bash bots is overdone and distracting.– After completing a run, having lớn ‘next’ over to lớn costumes to find the play again button doesn’t make sense.– Almost couldn’t find the trophies button, and again, its new location doesn’t make a lot of sense.– Please shorten delay before one can click to lớn continue when displaying gacha prizes. Ten at a time take a while khổng lồ go through.– I miss being able to lớn adjust the music/effects volume rather than just on/off.

Bugs?– Often get a tire graphic when winning 1,000 coins from the gacha machine.– High score bar at the đứng top retains the last run’s multiplier number between runs rather than one’s starting multiplier.– A couple of early achievements were reset.

Latest update messed up the trò chơi

After update, we are suppose to collect heart icon in trò chơi to get Cupid to lớn run with in game.

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I just ran 10 times in a row. The first 5 times I had khổng lồ keep collecting a daily word – something you are only suppose to lớn have to bởi vì once a day but I had to keep doing a new daily word 5 times in a row. While collecting letters for daily word, no hearts or bonuses appear. Finally on the last 2 times a heart finally appeared after running awhile after collecting word.

I have played 10 more times và have run over 5,000 km and not one heart appeared…yes, I made sure not to lớn collect any bonuses while running because, I have found collecting them resets the point that the hearts appear.

How are we suppose lớn collect the hearts if the don’t appear in run lớn collect?

The times I play this game is for these mini rewards of characters…if this continues I will be deleting it & just stick with Temple Run 2… you get your rewards, bonuses, and mini games.

Update: played today & got the collect daily word. Went away and came back, opened the game and… yes you guessed it, I am required khổng lồ collect a new daily word.

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No response from developers so I guess game issues don’t matter khổng lồ them. Bye lớn the game.

Developer Response ,

Hi, We are sorry you are having issues with the latest release. If you contact supportaceviral.com we should be able khổng lồ assist you lớn ensure your game continues as it should. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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