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Hello Beauties!

I love sầu lớn sleep và I feel like I’m not getting enough z’s these days, so my skin is suffering from the laông chồng of a restful nights sleep. So if you feel like me, I have a wonderful remedy that will make your skin soft & smooth & refreshed in the morning, even if you only got less than a full eight hours of sleep. This miracle remedy I speak of is the sleeping pack! Sleeping packs are facial creams that you put on at night before you sleep. So as you sleep and rest, your skin will absorb the nutrients in the cream và by the time you wake up your skin will be nourished và ready for the day.

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I received the BRTC vitalizer whitening sleeping pachồng from winning their Facebook sự kiện thingy and tried it on Thursday night. Next morning, even after just one time, my face was super duper smooth and putting on my Cosplay was amazing. My skin felt so soft and the texture of my skin felt refined and revitalised! I’ve tried sleeping packs from Laniege và Etude House and they were both good but I don’t think I’ve sầu ever noticed this big of a difference from just one time. My pores looked smaller too! I think the difference is that this particular one is formulated with a lot of skin nutrients. It has ECOCERT-certified oải hương water that will de-ức chế the skin, seaberry extract to lớn soften the skin.

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It has three different kinds of oil, macadamia, argan, & avocavày. Also, it has Vi-Ta-Min E capsules, tons of other vitamins, và Vi-Ta-Min tree fruit extracts. Another thing is that this mask is not as sticky as the ones I’ve sầu tried previously.

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Just washed my hair… hahaha anyway, it’s super easy khổng lồ use!

It’s really easy to use, you don’t have sầu to lớn unfold mask sheets or wait around to take it off either. Just use it at the kết thúc of your night skincare routine. Massage it on to your skin and hop in to lớn bed! The next morning you can rinse off with warm water & you’ll look lượt thích you got a full nights rest, or at least your skin will look and feel rested. It can get a bit oily so if you have sầu oily skin it might not be the best thing for you. But for those who have dry skin like me it’s a really nice pichồng me up during the week. One more tip! Don’t apply it right before you sleep, I give sầu it at least 10 khổng lồ 15 mins for the cream khổng lồ absorb so it won’t get all over your pillow case. You can get this BRTC sleeping paông xã on their trang web.

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