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Bose"s petite công nghệ Bluetooth không dây speaker makes a huge impactTested at £200 / $200

ByWhat Hi-Fi?14 February 2019


Our Verdict

Huge performance from a tiny speaker; this talented Bose speaker could be worth a place in your home

Inside the sturdy aluminium casing, there’s a full-range driver firing downwards inkhổng lồ a patented diffuser plate, which aims lớn spread the sound out evenly in all directions.

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There are also two passive radiators inside, responsible for reinforcing the lower frequencies. They’re placed opposite each other lớn cancel out any vibrations.

The Bose Revolve is a strikingly petite speaker, và we can see it fitting into lớn just about any space in your trang chủ. The speaker has a decent heft – it feels more substantial than the similar-sized Google Home, for instance – but it can still be held in the palm of your hvà.

Designed to lớn be portable, the Revolve is compact enough to lớn be carried in a backpaông chồng. You get 12 hours of battery life – that’s a good chunk of listening, though it’s worth noting that rivals such as the UE Roll, Boom 2 or Megaboom give sầu you 15 & trăng tròn hours respectively.

We’re not sure you’d want lớn lug it lớn a festival, as it’s water-resistant – not waterproof – & not wholly designed for rugged, muddy terrain lượt thích many of its rivals. Its IPX4 rating means it will survive sầu splashes of water, though.

The Revolve’s rubber top can get a bit grubby, more so the ‘lux grey’ (silver) finish rather than the ‘triple black’ (black) version. And while it’s designed to withstand knocks & drops, our sample already has some scratches on the finish.


The Revolve sầu is a straightforward Công nghệ Bluetooth speaker – pairing is swift, & it automatically connects to lớn your điện thoại thông minh the next time you fire it up. There’s also a 3.5milimet input if you want to lớn hardwire other music sources.

The six buttons on the rubber top of the speaker let you switch between these two inputs (an LED lights up lớn indicate connection), adjust volume and turn the power on and off. Press down the power button, và a voice will tell you how much battery charge is left.

Bose SoundLink Revolve

Bluetooth Yes

Inputs 3.5mm

Battery life 12 hours

Dimensions (hwd) 15 x 8 x 8cm

Weight 0.66kg

A neat touch from Bose is that you can pause, play & skip through your music using the multifunction button (the one with the three dots). You can also use that button to lớn speak to your smartphone’s voice assistant – even if your phone is in another room.

The buttons are responsive, although it’s more likely you’ll be using your smartphone or tablet to control and select the music anyway.

The không tính tiền Bose Connect tiện ích is worth downloading for updates, as well as checking the speaker’s battery màn chơi và enabling Party Mode – which lets you connect two Revolve sầu speakers to play in tandem or as a stereo pair.

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For such a small speaker, the Bose Revolve delivers a surprisingly big và bold sound. It has no problem filling up our medium-sized chạy thử room – even at two-thirds of its full volume.

It does its key job – spreading sound around evenly – with aplomb. Even as we move sầu around the speaker, there is little variance in the presentation. The music remains solid & robust regardless of our position.

That solidity is what makes the Revolve so listenable. We play Linkin Park’s One Step Closer và the drums hit with a satisfying thump, basslines are deep và full bodied, và the rhythm is punchy and gripping.

Small công nghệ Bluetooth không dây speakers have a tendency to exaggerate the lower frequencies in a bid khổng lồ impress – Bose has been guilty of that in the past – but the Revolve sầu strikes an enjoyable balance.

There’s a warmth khổng lồ the sound that makes it enjoyable lớn listen to lớn, và this time, Bose steers clear of making the bass go too boomy.

It delivers plenty of detail alongside the punch. The guitar strums in Death Cab for Cutie’s A Laông chồng of Colour sound delicate and precise, while voices are gentle và melodic.

It’s not perfect – we wish the Bose sounded clearer, và that edges of notes were more definite và crisply defined. Its rival, the UE Megaboom, is more articulate & handles dynamic shifts và rhythm changes with more confidence. The Megaboom delivers a bigger scale of sound, too, but then it is physically bigger.

The Megaboom breathes in more openness into lớn the performance, and you can identify instruments’ placement better, too. The Bose Revolve is less insightful, but it’s still fun to listen to. Its sense of energy and drive sầu is apparent with whatever you tuy nhiên you play through it, and when it goes loud, it’s capable of impressive volume.


Compared with its main rivals, such as the UE Megaboom, the Revolve is a bit too pricey. £200 is quite a lot khổng lồ pay for a speaker, especially when the Megaboom is bigger, clearer, more ruggedly-built & available for less.

However, it’s hard not khổng lồ admire the Bose Revolve sầu for its range of talents, though, & despite not getting the full five stars, we can imagine this tiny, talented speaker will still turn plenty of heads.

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