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I am a returning player to BNS. I have not played the game since the Raven King. There has much that has been changed & I am confused about what to lớn vì chưng và which direction lớn go forward with.

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here is my character sheet with build https://i.gyazo.com/372e9ac2782b677bdf2c805e5b1dc2ef.jpg

I would like to know the following:

What to lớn focus on upgrading?

where can I buy upgrades including badges and others?

Which talent build should I use as a warlock?

How to play a warloông chồng in 2020? I am doing around 100k DPS while I see others doing 1m+ how is that possible?

What website can I use to kiểm tra for upgrades? BNS Tools/Academy seems khổng lồ be outdated!

BNSTree is not accessible is there an alternative site?

Where khổng lồ look for guides for classes và bosses?

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Upgrade weapon to lớn Aransu 9, bởi vì Circle of Sundering for new bracelet, eventually vì Den of the Ancients for prophecy necklace. Eventually upgrade soul & heart khổng lồ at least True Cosmic và Champion 1. You also need lớn do CS & Mandate for Unity stones as well as bởi DC for reputation to increase your unity màn chơi.

You need Liberty soul badge to play shadow, so you should vị Tower of Infinity, but since the season is ending soon you will probably have to buy the tokens for 2-3g each when they become tradeable. I'm assuming you don't have sầu VT mystic badge, so you should probably look in faction/region chat for a pug "Temple of Elluvium" raid or find a clan/friover that can run you through to lớn get your badge. Most people will be upmix if you soulburn without having blackwing (badge effect).

31213 should be more dps for fights over 1min due to lớn leech, otherwise you can run 11213 for more burst. You can also run green sanctum (1 in 3rd row) against bosses with annoying cc. Put whatever skill points you have sầu in helix và awk helix (you can clalặng them from achievements if you have hm skills +5 for cấp độ 60).

Warlochồng sucks, it's the lowest dps class without very good ping & a macro. You should just go join the BnS academy discord, they have sầu a bunch of guides there for every class, but basically you use 23v soulburn & leech off cd while spamming 4 and rmb. You should be able lớn bởi lượt thích 300k with that gear, so you're definitely doing something wrong. Also if you think 1m is a lot of damage lol, this game is very dependent on gear.

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There's not a lot of good web resources. NC posts spreadsheets when they vày cost reductions, but you're better off just using Ctrl+I in game and looking at the upgrade paths yourself.

Nope bnstree hasn't been updated in a while, but you can see other people's skill builds in f2 if that's what you're curious about. Otherwise you can just read the descriptions on the skill page in game.

The BnS academy discord is probably the best resource for learning about your class và gearing/playing. The BnS academy Google drive sầu still exists with most of the dungeon guides & you can also look up eckogen on YouTube, but tBảo Hành most of the easy mode dungeons can't wipe so there's pretty much no mechanics anymore just dps until the trùm is dead.

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With your current gear it wouldn't take long to swap classes, so unless you really like warlock or just prefer lớn play casually, I would recommend you swap to lớn a different class. Warlochồng in PvE is optimally played with a macro, and in PvPhường. they're low-bottom tier, so not many people particularly enjoy the class when Warden can also soulburn và bởi vì nearly everything better.