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BlackBerry"s ageing Q.10 handmix has been given a premium makeover courtesy of Porsche Design and launched, fittingly, at Harrods today. ventured down in our Sunday Best for a little time with the new handphối...

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It"s very rare that we find ourselves summoned down to lớn Harrods in Knightsbridge for a phone release. But such was the case with the Porsche Design BlackBerry P"9983. The environment is well suited; this is a premium BlackBerry Model, aimed at those for which a mere iPhone 6 or LG G3 alone won"t fit the bill. And yet, compared lớn the likes of the handmade £6,750 Vertu Signature cảm ứng, the £1,400 asking price doesn"t seem so steep.

This is Porsbít Design"s third BlackBerry handmix, following last year"s BlackBerry P"9982 - essentially a pimped BlackBerry Z10. This time around, its the BlackBerry quận 10 that"s been given the luxury treatment và with it, comes the return of the keyboard - BlackBerry"s perennial calling thẻ.

But if you"re hoping for substantial new features, well, there aren"t any. Internally, the phone remains exactly the same. It benefits from the latest version of the Blackberry 10 OS but then again, there"s the forthcoming BlackBerry Passport to lớn blow that particular tumpet. What we"ve sầu got here then, is just a nicer-looking BlackBerry Q10 with premium branding and a massive sầu price bump.


BlackBerry devices were always noted for the keyboard and it"s here that Porsbịt Design has shown some love sầu. The P"9883 features glass-lượt thích PMMA plastic for increased durability và the thiết kế company has shaped the keys to create a pseubởi 3D-like effect. And there"s a nice new silver font too.

The raised buttons are comfortable to type on, but some quiông xã thử nghiệm emails revealed that we"ve become too used to lớn wide touchscreens - the cramped "board takes some getting used to lớn but there"s a decent amount of travel on the keys.

Round the baông xã, Porsđậy Design has coated the device with a "special glass-weave sầu technology" that looks nice enough, but is immediately covered with smears và fingerprint marks. Which is a shame given how much you"re asked to part with for it.

And yet, it"s a sturdy, well-built phone. The silver và blachồng blover obviously looks the business, and will find a nice trang chính in the breast pocket of your Savile Row suit. This is the reason the phone is what it is - if you"re of a particular income bracket & partial to lớn an association with German automotive sầu thiết kế, then you"re going khổng lồ like this device.

Porsche Design BlackBerry P"9983: Features

New features were awarded barely a mention during the reveal at Harrods, and chiefly rely on the updates to lớn BlackBerry"s operating system. Unfortunately, all you"re going to lớn get with this phone is a different font and the silver, executive-style Porsche Design cloông xã. There"s also a particular PIN ID designation with BlackBerry Messenger that identifies you as a Porsche Design user.

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Around baông chồng is the 8MP camera that Porsche Design has equipped with a sapphire crystal coated lens. A small array of features, included burst mode, panorama and time shift are there lớn play with, but really it"s not up to the likes of the HTC One M8 in the photography department.

The square 3.1-inch display boasts a 7đôi mươi x 720 resolution that is clearly designed for the tin nhắn and spreadsheet mentality than taking in a TV series on the commute trang chủ.

If the blachồng and silver look is a little too boardroom for you, you can add one of Porsbịt Design"s handcrafted leather cases lớn the P"8893. They come in a range of colours, including yellow, orange, salsa blue, pomegranate, dark brown paloma grey and xanh green.

Porsbịt Design BlackBerry P"9983: Performance

Performance is handled by the same dual core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor found in the original Q10, although, lượt thích the P"9982, Porsbít Design has given the internal storage a boost. The original 16GB has been upgraded khổng lồ 64GB and you can still use a microSD thẻ to lớn add even more.

There"s 2GB of RAM, keeping things moving quickly, and a 2,100 mAh battery that, BlackBerry says, will afford you 14 hours of talk time. Part of the work that the company has done on the operating system is to make it more power efficient và the representatives we spoke to lớn at the launch were pretty confident you could get a day & a half"s use out of the device between charges.

Porsđậy Design BlackBerry P"9983: Verdict

This is a phone being sold on its brand image alone, and to a very specific type of customer. BlackBerry, by its own admission, says this isn"t going to lớn be a mass-market phone. It"s aiming lớn bring baông chồng the business love sầu by way of a decent keyboard và supurb build quality. In the hvà, it feels suitably premium - but then, so does the HTC One M8.

The inclusion of the Amazon App Store goes some way lớn remedying the worrying laông xã of apps that has always plagued BlackBerry & the edgy thiết kế is more mature and appealing than the curvyness of the original BlackBerry quận 10. It would have sầu been nice if Porsche Design had something in the way of third-tiệc nhỏ apps or services that could mix this phone aside in a software sense as well as a hardware sense.

Ultimately though, you"re going lớn want this phone in order khổng lồ make a particular statement. It"s a designer phone in the same way as there are designer sunglasses, watches and jackets. It"s branding has little khổng lồ no impact on the actual performance or usability of the phone - which still falls some way behind Apple"s iPhone 6 or the top Android handsets.

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This isn"t going to be the phone that reinvents BlackBerry, but it does stvà as a testament to lớn the fact there are still customers out there that value exclusivity above sầu all else. And to them, we say happy shopping.